Gsm based power theft intimation system

This system has the reset button when press this button then the whole system has reset. This message or data can also be seen on LCD. Based on this information the microcontroller on or off the output lamp.

This is sim based and easily installed system. Without this the communication between microcontroller and GSM modem is not possible. For understanding this, we will be connecting the two loads first one will be connect after the energy meter which is basically the actual load and second one will be connect before the energy meter which is basically the theft load.

Applications and Advantages of Vehicle Theft Intimation System Here are some applications and advantages of vehicle theft intimation system are This is very low cost and reliable system for tack your vehicle through your mobile phone. The optocoupler sent the signal to the microcontroller, which is programed according to the consumer energy, when the consumer or any other one consume more energy from its programmed energy then the microcontroller on or off the consumer supply.

It consists of a light emitter such as, LEDs and sensitive light receiver such as photo diode or photo transistor. The max is dual channel integrated component which is only used here for serial communication between the microcontroller and GSM modem. During this time the system send the electricity theft intimation message to the mobile phone.

Optocoupler is 6 pins integrated circuit components, which transfers the electric signal between two electrically isolated circuits using the light. The voltage regulator is connected at the output of bridge rectifier for regulating the dc voltage.

This is basically a wireless control modem and only work in that areas where wireless availability is sure. By using this the energy losses can be reduced by escaping the electric energy theft peoples. When on this load then the system power off the whole supply of energy meter.

In vehicle theft intimation system, the voltage regulator provides the fix 5 V to the microcontroller, relay driver and max This a is simple lamp, which is only used for indication purposes.

In other words, it is only interfaced device between these two. In this system, the microcontroller PIC18F have been used which is belongs to pic family.

The microcontroller received the digital data from GSM modem and make the decision according to this data for enable or disable the relay driver.Gsm Based Power Theft Intimation.

POWER THEFT INDENTIFICATION IN DISTRIBUTION LINES WITH REMOTE INTIMATION THROUGH GSM INTRODUCTION: Merely generating more power is not enough to meet present day requirements. Project is based on the Global System for Mobile communication (GSM).

wireless power theft detection and intimation system by using gsm item preview.

Engineering Final Year Project Kits

intimation system using GSM and Zigbee networks G. L. Prashanthi1, K. V.

Prasad2 1, P Pole based system (installed on a distribution pole) There are three different types of systems to monitor Wireless power meter monitoring with power theft detection and intimation system using GSM and.

Vehicle theft intimation on owner cell phone is very particular information to the vehicle’s owners. In this developing nation, the vehicle theft is increasing day by day so we should need to develop a system to overcome this problem.

"GSM Based Electricity Theft Detection” Nilesh Mohite. 1, Rinkuraj Ranaware2, Prakash Kakade 3 electricity the power theft is lso incresing, power a a work and theft. Use of GSM in our system provide the numerous dvantages of wireless network a.


Electricity is a necessary energy for our daily life; with the increasing demand of electricity, power theft is also increasing that affects power sector across the whole country. The objective of this project is to design a system that avoids such situation.

Gsm based power theft intimation system
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