Various types of whales

Scientists use its callosities that are present at the right side of its head to catalog and identify individuals. Fin Whale thrives in almost all the major oceans of the world - from polar to tropical waters. This nursing period may last anywhere from 6 months to 2 years or until the child can survive on its own and break away from its psychological dependency on its mother.

However, they use their teeth to tear of pieces of very large prey. No wonder, it is able to survive the cold climate of Arctic. Bowhead Whale It has high, arched jaw that has a bow-shape. Sei Whale It has a streamlined body and an exceedingly curved dorsal fin.

River dolphins such as the Amazon river dolphin may migrate from Various types of whales local rivers to larger parts of the Amazon during rain season when the local rivers begin to flood. They are most numerous in the Arctic region and Antarctica as they prefer cooler and deeper waters.

Belugas, being white, hunt in large pods near the surface and around pack ice, their coloration acting as camouflage. Gray Whale Its baleen is medium in size.

Types List

Cetaceans mate, give birth, suckle their young, and feed exclusively underwater. Whale Baleen Structure Photography: They both reside in the frigid arctic and both have large amounts of blubber.

Some whales produce a variety of vocalizations, notably the songs of the humpback whale. It is characterized by a large head and unique body shape. Since ages, scientists have been going deep into the sea, to explore the diversity of marine life.

Similarly, it has an arched jaw that hosts the teeth in adult males. Their seasonal movement is mostly influenced by the migration of fish, other aquatic preys, and pack ice. In some cases the adults will leave the mating grounds first to guide the way with the female whales who have just given birth leaving last with their newborn children.

Baleen whales are filter feeders and largely eat krill euphausidscopepods and small schooling fish. One of its populations is nearly extinct, while the other has recovered from the brink of extinction.

It is also the loudest animal in the world. This adaptation allows the chest to compress during deep dives as opposed to resisting the force of water pressure. Odontocetes feed largely on fish and squid, but a few, like the killer whalefeed on mammals, such as pinnipeds.There are many conservation efforts in place for both types of whales.

The goals of these efforts include preventing the hunting of them, preserving their natural environment, and to help ensure they continue to reproduce so that their survival will be ongoing.

List of cetacean species

In each category there are also various species due to further breakdowns and. There are about 86 species of cetaceans (whales, dolphins, and porpoises) in the Order Cetacea, which is further divided into sub-orders.

Learn the types. 19 Types of Whales. Let us learn about the types of whales and their different species. Follow Us: No One Really Knew All the Different Types of Whales, Until Now.

Since time immemorial, whales have always fascinated us.

Mating Season

There is no denying the sheer size of these beautiful mammals. Let us learn about the types of whales and their different species. A List of the Different Types of Whales. Type Lister Types of Animals 1. There are many different types of whales, and they fall into two suborders of the order, Cetacea.

These categories are “toothed whales” and “baleen whales.” Beaked Whales. Beaked whales belong to various genera in the Family. Seven Different Types Of Whales. Blue Whale.

The scientific name of Blue Whale is Balaenoptera musculus. The marine mammal can be as long as feet and weigh metric tonnes or even higher. It is characterized by long and slender body, with various shades of bluish-grey in its dorsal area and a lighter shade underneath the body.

Until. The suborder Mysticeti includes the types of whales known as baleen whales and contains four families, which includes the Gray whale, the rorquals, the Right Whales and the Humpback Whale which resides in a genus all it's own. The largest animal ever to live on the earth, the Blue Whale, is a baleen whale and a member of the group known as .

Various types of whales
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