Ucas personal statements for business studies

Business studies personal statement

This invaluable experience has also given me a very good idea of the type of fields I want to specialise in after I graduate from university. After researching and evaluating all of my options I am confident enough to say that I believe I have made the right decision to study at your university and am certain that your institution will exceed my expectations.

Key responsibilities include processing, distributing and maintaining controlled documentation using various information technology platforms. These skills will help you communicate with your lecturers and peers on your course, as well as juggling your coursework and exams.

For help with how to begin your personal statement, read our article on writing your opening sentence and, for help with the Ucas personal statements for business studies of your personal statement, read our article on what to include in your personal statement.

Outside of the classroom and the workplace, I have worked on developing the requisite communication and team work skills by taking a leadership course in Italy and becoming a Prefect at school.

Keep it short and sweet. I want to study Business so that I may later work in the financial sector in a management capacity and promote a more ethical way of doing business.

Corvi says that each year he has more qualified applicants than he has places. This can be more effective than working through all your examples in chronological or reverse chronological order.

Good skills to highlight include independence, time management and organisation. Jonathan Hardwick is a former head of sixth form and now a professional development manager at Inspiring Futures, a provider of careers information, advice and guidance to young people.

Business Studies Personal Statements

The creation of wealth is of benefit to all and I am keen to make my own contribution to the growing prosperity of my nation.

Apart from the superb career prospects what are my other reasons for choosing this subject? To gain an understanding of how businesses work in practice not just in theory, in the last few years I have packed my summers with valuable work experience both in the UK and India.

Applying these skills to university assignments, projects and work placement opportunities will help me become successful, academically and in business.

I feel this course will equip me with relevant tools needed to devise solutions across all business functions. Although these achievements required a lot of self discipline and motivation on my behalf, I really enjoyed the experience of learning them in a classroom environment and putting them to practice on practical projects.

Newsletter Signup Sign up for our email newsletters Site Links. All my diverse work experiences helped cement my decision to work in finance and impressed upon me that it is essential to be a good communicator and team player to succeed in business. Emma manages the careers guidance team in London and the south-east and goes into schools to deliver support to students.

Structure your personal statement to best show off your examples There is no one set way to structure your personal statement.

Personal Statement - Business Studies 1

I have become confident in presenting ideas, proposals, solutions and reports to a range of people. In the same summer, I did a stint at a major accountancy firm, where I did a lot of book-keeping, which should be great preparation for analysing financial statements during the degree.

I took this role on deliberately in an attempt to gain real life experience of how the business world works. For me your course can teach me all of these things and more.

Will Breare-Hall, student recruitment and study abroad manager, says the LSE is looking for "the abilities to think and work independently, follow complex lines of reasoning, demonstrate logical thought processes, solve problems and communicate accurately and succinctly".

How to write a personal statement for business studies

The personal statement should read in an authentic and real way and in their own language. My roles have also involved providing reports and contracts to various stakeholders of the company, which requires a high level of attention to detail, accuracy and time keeping.

Having been gripped by the unfolding financial disaster, I have devoured with relish numerous books about the City and the crisis. My leadership skills were called upon when I set up the Economics and Current Affairs Society at school with the aim of providing a forum in which I and my fellow students could discuss and come to better understand developments in the economy and wider society.

Much of the damage in the crisis was caused by complex financial products. For, I hope that university life will not only prepare me academically for the challenges of financial management but will strengthen my ethics so that I may handle those management duties responsibly.

India may be growing dramatically faster than the UK but many of its people live untouched by the new economic prosperity while many bailed-out bankers in the City flourish again.

How to structure your UCAS personal statement

Throughout my career, I have gained many skills which I can apply to this course. Think carefully about how you want to structure your personal statement.

Reading business and economics publications on a daily basis, give me a good understanding of the dynamic business world.Write a UCAS Progress personal statement; There is a wide range of apprenticeships that link to an interest in business. These include: personal assistant; customer service assistant sales assistant; front of house manager; Academic subjects — such as A levels.

You can study business, applied business, business studies, business. Sample Business Studies Personal Statement As someone with a deep interest in the commercial world I am confident that a degree in Business Studies from a top UK Business School would be the best possible foundation for me to build a successful career in the trading and finance field.

Business Studies Personal Statement Since starting my A levels, the complexities of the business industry have become more clear, the way it is forever changing and adapting to create more paths to success is a feature I can also apply to my own life.

UCAS has a dedicated Verification Team, to prevent and detect fraud in applications, and similarity in personal statements. UCAS Undergraduate entry requirements Each course, and most universities and colleges, have different requirements – usually a mix of qualifications, subjects, or exam grades.

Personal statements How to write a personal statement for business studies Business studies courses are heavily oversubscribed, so show your skills and understanding of business on a global level. Use this sample business studies personal statement to help when writing your own.

this statement can inspire your business studies personal statement Applying & UCAS; Personal Statements; Student Fees and Finances; Study in the UK from Abroad; high motivation and ambition are I believe are strong foundations in which to embark on a.

Ucas personal statements for business studies
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