Tradition versus innovation and modernization essay

These came into contact with Western values of rationalism, science and technology which the British colonial administration introduced in India mainly for the consolidation of a colony, but which had new and unexpected outcome in the rise of cultural renaissance in India and the national freedom movement.

With the huge development of technology, a parallel movement toward innovation in the different economic and social fields is underway.

People want to introduce newness to the conformist definition of ethical values and concepts, so that they can get rid of the restrictions that have for long time oppressed their existence, and simultaneously follow the modernity of the advanced and upgraded world where they live. It is this element of continuity which characterizes a social or cultural attribute or value in a society as being traditional.

Modernization is a conceptual tool which social scientists have widely used in analyzing the process as well as the quality of social change. Instead, we should encourage any aspect of new technology that can play a helpful and efficient role in our daily life.

Short Essay on Tradition and Modernization

With all kinds of development in medical, technological arena, slowly our societies are transforming very fast. However, I do not agree with this view and I believe that it is possible to strike a balance between these two.

Traditional societies have substantial degree of differentiation of social strata, divisions between village, town and city, relatively higher level of technology that depends upon wide use of animal energy; have an evolved written literary tradition along with oral cultural tradition.

In such a way, you and I will be able to redefine our existence in a modern pattern without taking the risk of losing our real identity.

Modernization is a constant phenomena. People use AC everywhere, modern buildings are covered with glasses, the usage of luxury items are on the rise. Modernization, as advocated by the Meiji Restoration after the Togukawa reign ended, is the direct opposite of the shogunate system.

Where people used a hand fan earlier, they use electric fans and air conditioners today. The ruler were not answerable to the citizens. Modernization is a term used to describe the transformation of a society from traditional, rural, agrarian society to a secular, urban and industrialized society.

You may tell me that people tend to resist change and therefore will stick to their traditions. This helped the people to increase there efficiency and better awareness by instant exhange of information.

Human beings also thrived in such places. Though there are some conflict in the traditional way and modernized way of doing things, but these two means different leads to the same results.

So the change in living style, on one hand, has given the all kind worldly pleasure to the people, on the other hand, led to the more pollution and environment degradation.Advantages and Disadvantages of Modernization Essay, Article Merits – Demerits of Mordernization What is Modernization?

Essay On Modernization: Modernization is a term used to describe the transformation of a society from traditional, rural, agrarian society to a secular, urban and industrialized is what our societies are going through.

Modernization Versus Tradition. Topics: Chinua Achebe In the story "Dead Men's Path" Chinua Achebe describe the controversy between tradition and modernization in the school of Ndume.

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Michael Obi is the main character of this story. He is confronted with the villagers and their resistance to change. Essay about Tradition versus. Innovation sets people free from the restrictions of traditions, as diversification releases them from the oppression and despotism of “traditionalists,” who are against any kind of newness and govern people’s mentality by inculcating them with outdated concepts of ethical and religious values, and attacking innovation, especially.

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These warriors were sticklers for tradition, as shown in the movie the “Last Samurai.” They would fight to uphold their cultural roots and maintain the old ways of Japan. This kind of inflexibility made Japan non-progressive in older times.

Tradition and modernization are incompatible. One must choose between them.

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Tradition versus innovation and modernization essay
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