The importance of the setting in the masque of the red death by edgar allan poe

And the life of the ebony clock went out with that of the last of the gay. But first let me tell of the rooms in which it was held. What transforms this set of symbols into an allegory, however, is the further symbolic treatment of the twenty-four hour life cycle: We can read this story as an allegory about life and death and the powerlessness of humans to evade the grip of death.

The bright red spots upon the body and especially upon the face of the sick man made other men turn away from him, afraid to try to help. These windows were of stained glass whose color varied in accordance with the prevailing hue of the decorations of the chamber into which it opened.

And you may be sure that the clothes the dancers chose to wear, their costumes, were strange and wonderful.

The Red Death thus represents, both literally and allegorically, death. Adaptation by David E. It was a voluptuous scene, that masquerade. In many palaces, however, such suites form a long and straight vista, while the folding doors slide back nearly to the walls on either hand, so that the view of the whole extent is scarcely impeded.

It raises important points for discussion and consideration by students. So between that and the color scheme, you might as well think of the black room as the Horrifying Room of Death, which it turns out to be anyway. The last room is decorated in black and is illuminated by a scarlet light, "a deep blood color" cast from its stained glass windows.

And thus, too, it happened, perhaps, that before the last echoes of the last chime had utterly sunk into silence, there were many individuals in the crowd who had found leisure to become aware of the presence of a masked figure which had arrested the attention of no single individual before.

But to the chamber which lies most westwardly of the seven, there are now none of the maskers who venture; for the night is waning away; and there flows a ruddier light through the blood-colored panes; and the blackness of the sable drapery appals; and to him whose foot falls upon the sable carpet, there comes from the near clock of ebony a muffled peal more solemnly emphatic than any which reaches their ears who indulge in the more remote gaieties of the other apartments.

'The Masque of the Red Death,' by Edgar Allan Poe

He disregarded the decora of mere fashion. Everyone seemed now deeply to feel that the stranger should not have been allowed to come among them dressed in such clothes. But in the western or black chamber the effect of the fire-light that streamed upon the dark hangings through the blood-tinted panes, was ghastly in the extreme, and produced so wild a look upon the countenances of those who entered, that there were few of the company bold enough to set foot within its precincts at all.

The story was originally adapted and recorded by the U. He had directed, in great part, the moveable embellishments of the seven chambers, upon occasion of this great fete; and it was his own guiding taste which had given character to the masqueraders. The windows were of colored glass, of the same color that was used in each room.

Adaptation by Richard Piniart by Wendy Pini. The figure was tall and gaunt, and shrouded from head to foot in the habiliments of the grave. There was a sharp cry --and the dagger dropped gleaming upon the sable carpet, upon which, instantly afterwards, fell prostrate in death the Prince Prospero.

So how does the setting create the effect Poe wants most basically, fear? The second chamber was purple in its ornaments and tapestries, and here the panes were purple. In this room stood a great clock of black wood.

When the mysterious guest uses his costume to portray the fears that the masquerade is designed to counteract, Prospero responds antagonistically. Art by Francisco Agras. Like the character Prince Prospero, Poe tried to ignore the fatality of the disease.

Prospero and 1, other nobles have taken refuge in this walled abbey to escape the Red Death, a terrible plague with gruesome symptoms that has swept over the land. And the rumor of this new presence having spread itself whisperingly around, there arose at length from the whole company a buzz, or murmur, expressive of disapprobation and surprise -- then, finally, of terror, of horror, and of disgust.

The Masque of the Red Death

The stranger started to walk toward the second room. It was necessary to hear and see and touch him to be sure that he was not.

The mask which covered his face — or was it really a mask? As soon as he confronts the figure, Prospero dies. He surrounds the castle with a "lofty wall" and with "gates of iron. Not surprisingly, both stories have many qualities in common: Adaptation and art were by Horacio Lalia.

He attempts to bring reason into the picture to explain a completely irrational act. But the mummer had gone so far as to assume the type of the Red Death. The prince had provided all the appliances of pleasure.Poe's Short Stories Edgar Allan Poe.

story will often have a setting that will The Masque of the Red Death," Poe carefully chooses every word and. The Masque of the Red Death.

Poe's Short Stories

Literature Network» Edgar Allan Poe» The Masque of the Red Death. Edgar Allan Poe. Fiction. The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym.

The Masque of the Red Death [Edgar Allan Poe] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The Masque of the Red Death is a work by Edgar Allan Poe now brought to you in this new edition /5(6).

THE MASQUE OF THE RED DEATH by Edgar Allan Poe () THE "Red Death" had long devastated the country. No pestilence had ever been so fatal, or so hideous. Importance of the Setting in The Cask of Amontillado by Edgar Allan Poe Poe’s “The Masque of the Red Death” and “The Cask of Amontillado,” are.

We present the short story "The Masque of the Red Death, by Edgar Allen Poe. The story was originally adapted and recorded by the U.S. Department of State.

The importance of the setting in the masque of the red death by edgar allan poe
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