Teacher made students write arabic numbers

Major Reading-Related Issues The schema theory Developed in the s, the idea behind this theory is that beside the textual features of the given text, background knowledge adds to the element of comprehension — for an overview of this theory, see McVee, Dunsmore, and Gavelek and An The difficult part for most students will be eleven to nineteen and confusing numbers like thirteen with thirty.

At a more specific level, Krashen and Brown discuss the issue as applied to academic proficiency, inquiring whether strategies should be taught or learned.

Then look at the Arabic answers. You also need to be able to recognize the symbols immediately, so teach them to yourself right now too. When selecting texts, sensitivity towards the cultural context of the students in terms of age, for exampleacademic background, learning levels, and their plans are all elements that are acknowledged.

Generally, the more distant the writing system in L1, the less smooth the transition to reading in L2 is, regardless of how many strategies are used previously Bassetti, The question then becomes: This is a subtle and important shift.

In the article, I will first touch on some of the major issues related to reading such as the schema theory as borrowed from cognitive science.

For example, many points in Brustad et. The following guide offers some insight as to how to approach the teaching of this language to American students. Continuously, several students whose first language is Arabic write endless sentences with no periods and infinite commas!

This is the topic of the next section. You can correct them but still they will repeat this mistake. In one word, reading can be defined as a process. What makes reading in English different from reading in Arabic?

Ask them to fill out new grids with numbers zero through one hundred and play multiple times. The first time numbers are introduced, limit them to numbers one through ten and then build up to one hundred.

They are exposed to a variety of text types. The advantage to creating your own material, or choosing one of the other books, is that you can customize your lesson plans to fit the needs of your students.

Be willing to jump ahead or fall back in vocabulary or grammatical rules so that the students understand the concepts better. The number is feminine whenever the singular of the counted noun is masculine. Have them work in pairs to make up containers with ten beans in each and discuss what the containers will be called.

How To Proceed 1 Warm up Your students are, at this stage, probably beginners so try to review material that was covered in the previous lesson and keep lessons enjoyable so that students will not develop an aversion to your classes.

Teen numbers (building with ten)

The final section will, therefore, give a brief account of the approach in question before I explain why it is appropriate and useful. Do not be afraid to diverge from the lesson plan if a student voices a question about the concepts and words of the Arab language--most of the other students will have the same question but may not voice it.

Thus, the teacher has to make it clear for the students that it is confusing for English readers to have very long sentences, unlike Arabic.Using Place Value to Write Numbers (Number and Algebra: Module 5) These labels are made explicit when we write numbers in expanded form.

For example This module has dealt with whole numbers. Once students have mastered whole numbers, we introduce them to integers (the whole numbers together with the negative. This bundle include updated flash with both Arabic and English on the same card for: # Days of the week (7) # Months of the Year (12) # shapes (10) # Colors (10) # Weather (5) It also includes teaching strategies how to use the flashcards in Both English and Arabic language.

While Alif Baa (see Step 2) is an excellent primer to understanding the Arabic alphabet and how it interacts to form words, the choices that Brustad, et.

al. have made in the al Kitaab series is perplexing to many students. How to Teach Numbers. some new vocabulary so choose words that will be used often in your classroom and words where the plural form is made by simply adding -s. Words like teacher the student whose turn it is should run to the board and write the numeral.

If your students do very well, tell them they have to spell out the word and maybe. Lina Gomaa is a language instructor having taught Arabic to students at Beloit College in Wisconsin and English to students at Misr International University in Cairo.

She holds a BA in Creative Writing from Beloit College and obtained a BA in Arabic-English Translation and English Literature from Ain Shams University, Cairo.

5 Writing Trouble Spots for ESL Students of Arabic

Keywords: Reading, Arabic-speaking students, writing system Introduction Among the four language skills, reading could be considered the most important one since it can improve the overall language proficiency (McDonough & Shaw, ; Krashen & Brown, ).

Teacher made students write arabic numbers
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