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Opinions expressed in this article are those of the guest author and not necessarily Marketing Land. In trying to expand sales, the retailers have begun to expand the product mix as well as build new complementary brands. The larger and bulk retailers of brands like Mango, GAP etc would not follow this strategy for they tend to be driven by profits coming in from larger volumes and need to keep their operational costs under control.

Out of home advertising refers to creating awareness amongst the individuals when they are out of their homes.

Retail Marketing - Tips to Promote a Retail Brand

Giorgio Armani with its complimentary brand Emporia Armani is perhaps the most successful strategies seen in promoting and growing complimentary brands. In examining marketing priorities, what it comes down to is this: It must be installed at the right place visible to all even from a distance.

Install hoardings, banners, bill boards at strategic locations such as heavy traffic areas, major crossings, railway stations, bus stands etc to entice the customers.

In order to increase brick-and-mortar sales, stores will need to offer more of an incentive to buyers to get them in the door, and utilizing the incredible flexibility that digital offers can certainly facilitate that process. Such an activity creates awareness among individuals.

Retail Marketing Strategies: Connecting The Dots

On the other hand the International retailers which standardized format of showrooms are likely to expand their product promotions as well as customer loyalty programs and try to increase value for money proposition to attract and retain more customers.

In order to operate effectively in the modern retail world, successful retail campaigns need both kinds of departments, so they have both regular planning and flexibility to act.

Customer loyalty programs help to retain customers and attract new individuals to the store. New brands can help the retailers attract a new segment of customers who were not targeted by the old brand.

Besides extension of product lines, the retailers have also begun to expand the market through additional brands. Most of the fashion brands like Gucci, Diesel as well as brands like Nike, Reebok etc have started marketing fashion accessories related to their main line of products. The advertisement must be eye-catching for the end-users to click on them.

Nothing works better than customer satisfaction in the retail industry. However, integration of these teams and close communication allow digital technology to notify customers of these events and bring consumers in at a local level.

Going forward we can expect the retailers to get more creative with the brand advertising by projecting a distinct lifestyle and status associated with the brand and thus invest on communicating a uniqueness to the customer through the brand positioning than spend huge amounts on operations.

Corporate marketing, merchandising and planning and allocation teams typically do not work on the weekends, even though weekends are the busiest time in the field.

He was a member of the Board of Advisors of Motionbox, Inc.List of Retail Management project topics STUDY OF OPERATIONS AT RETAIL INDUSTRY” TO STUDY A study on strategies for promoting retailers brand 4/4(4).

Pricing strategies adopted by supermarket retailers. Print introduced as well as the purpose and delimitations of the study.

pricing strategies. Retail Marketing - Tips to Promote a long way in creating brand awareness and promoting a particular By “Prachi Juneja” and Reviewed By Management Study. CONCEPTUAL STUDY ON MARKETING STRATEGIES OF study makes an attempt at understanding the marketing strategies of retailer.

This study Retailers differ on the. Perhaps you've heard of the four Ps of marketing: product, price, place, and promotion. In this lesson, we'll explore the fourth P - promotion. Retail Promotion Strategies - Free A retailer·s location will help determine the target area for promotions Retailers need high levels of traffic to keep 5/5(9).

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Study on strategies for promoting retailers
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