State report booklet set of worksheets

Students will find 3 facts about 2 different states from each of the 5 regions of the United States. Environment in the state 6. After students have chosen and been assigned a state for their report, they can begin research.

Next comes peer editing.

State Reports

Tourism in the state 5. There is also just a plain lined paper if that is what you prefer. Symbols and honors for the state 4. People in the state 2. Additional fun facts about the state There are stationary writing pages for each state, report section pages, folding books to make a lapbook, peer editing checklist, and rubric included!

History of the state 3. Or use the state and plain lined page back to back for each writing page. The teacher has the final say on which state each student reports on. Pictures are included on the following page on how to put it together. The report portion is stapled in the center. Then glued in the directed locations based on the pictures provided.

Have students use the graphic organizer provided to gather their information. This is a pretty big writing project, and I usually have students write one page paragraphs, about each section: I have also included suggested websites for research, but books from the library can and should be used as well for research: Using This in your classroom: This can also be turned into a lapbook.

I have included a writing template page for each state. Since there is so much writing and research, this would be a week in class project.

I like to have each student do a different state. Students will be writing a comprehensive report on one state from the United States of America. You can choose to just make a booklet and have student use the title page, writing pages, and section separation pages for their report.

There is a peer editing checklist provided at the end of this product. The map and state flag can be stapled at the end of the booklet. There are six graphic organizers covering the six topics of the report: The folding books are cut and filled out.

Once their information is gathered, they can begin the rough draft of each writing section. I suggest using both books from the library and internet for the research. They will then choose 5 of these states as their top choices for their report.This includes all the materials needed to create a state report booklet or lapbook.

I have also included suggested websites for research, but books from the library can and should be used as well for research:).4/5(52).

50 States Worksheets - US Geography Tons of social studies worksheets for teaching students about the fifty states and capitals.

Includes maps, games, as well as state & capitals worksheets. Report Form: State Report Booklet (elem) This set of state report pages, focusing on state symbols, is ready to be filled in and made into a booklet, comes with teacher suggestions for use.

A great tool for state reports! Payment Instruction Booklet. For Business & Individual Taxpayers. Payment Worksheets are available on Page 12 of this Booklet Phone: 1 Gather your information, including your EIN (for business) or SSN (for individual), PIN, and tax form 12 Annual Return To Report Transactions With Foreign Trusts and Receipt of Certain.

Write a report about your favorite state using this state report template. State Report Booklet: Report Template State Report Booklet: Report Template Scholastic Teachables—not just worksheets!

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State Report Booklet and Lapbook Download
State report booklet set of worksheets
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