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And, typical of neo-realism, the story line is grounded in a kind relentless fatalism. Lil Mago, Smiley, and Willy all go on a mission together, to help raise money for the gang.

Instead Willy brought smiley with him to a different part of town to see his girlfriend. So, indeed, he does leave, but Sayra followed him. The story of the young girl, Sayra, begins when her deported father returns to Honduras to take her with him to New Jersey where he has a wife and children.

Willy knows that the gang is out to find and kill him, so he must detach himself from Sayra and her family. If we are to believe the portrayal of the many small communities we see in the film from Guatemala, Honduras, and from the poorest areas of Southern Mexico, poverty reigns supreme.

Sin Nombre, A Film Review

Casper is devastated and refuses to allow Mago another attempt at sexual violence when the gang assaults and tries to rob a group of migrants huddled on top of a train on their way to the Mexican-American border. He is helping her and her family make it to America successfully.

The two story lines converge at this point and the rest of the film revolves around the brief relationship between Sarya and Casper. Sayra eventually arrives at a Texas mall. Sayra, later thanks him for doing what he did by giving him food and water.

Lil Mago finds out that Willy had lied to him shortly after and had held a meeting. Just as Sayra is about to reach the shore of the US border, she looks back and sees Casper executed by Smiley.

He is the one protecting her and guiding her to America, even though he was initially apart of the group that was robbing her on the train. In fact, many of the characters in the film are actual migrants. As the story unfolds, Sayra and Casper arrive at the border.

Smiley is being recruited into MS by Willy. He tries to rape her, and when she resists, Lil Mago murders her. These sub-cultural communities, like La Mara, may have their own forms of cohesiveness and solidarity, but there is no doubt the gangs thrive on patriarchy, revenge, fierce loyalty, and a limitless indifference to the outside world or any moral code.

A time came when Willy was suppose to be scouting a certain area of town to find a rivalry gang member for Smiley to shoot and kill. In the shuffle, Mago pushes her and she falls and hits her head on the remnants of a tombstone. A friend of Casper tips off the gang.

He concludes that Martha is the reason for Willy leaving his post.

He then sends smiley to go back. Meanwhile smiley makes it back to the gang and informs them of what has happened. And Casper strikes at the heart of this very human story.

The property has been owned by the family for generations. He befriends a young boy, Smiley, who is initiated into the Mara gang when Casper helps him execute a rival gang member. Politically, immigrants are always looked at as people who take our jobs.

I believe this to mean that this painting was a metaphor to the storyline of the movie. In sin nombre free essay help hard-edged satires, that dark force often exists in the possibility that a nuclear holocaust could be started by a bunch of crazies; that our revered institutions could be run by psychopaths; that maybe we all have the potential for evil.

To prove his Loyalty to the gang, he is sent to find and kill Willy. The film, of course, ends with a glimmer of hope. Casper, of course, is a doomed man as the gang ultimately avenges the murder of their gang leader. The actors are not big-name Blockbuster celebrities.

They need to make the journey if they want to make it to a beautiful place, which will lead to happiness. Sayra is later informed that her uncle was caught and deported and that her father had died. After watching this film, I feel like I have a much stronger understanding of the struggle of people outside of America; the people who are searching for freedom, and for a place to live better lives.Sin Nombre will no doubt be considered the "Mexican City Of God" by many because of its gangland subject matter and young protagonists, but this film is a rather more human tale, more about 88%.

Sin Nombre is a Mexican-American adventure thriller film written and directed by Cary Joji Fukunaga, about a Honduran girl trying to immigrate to the U. Following the lives of two teenagers, Sin Nombre tells the story of thousands of poor youth in Central America trying to cope with a society that has nothing for them.

Sin Nombre, A Film Review. One can argue the naïve philosophies of individual responsibility and free will, but when the environmental cards are stacked up against you from birth, those philosophies begin to lose their innocence.

I am currently writing an essay on this film for my 2nd year BAHons English course and I wondered if you. Watch Sin Nombre Full Movie Online. Stream Sin Nombre the Movie Videos, Trailers, Reviews & more/10(K). Free Essay: Film 1 September Film Analysis/Personal Reflection: Sin Nombre The movie, “Sin Nombre” directed by, Cary Fukunaga, is about the story.

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