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Our portfolio includes a wide array of products in downstream petrochemicals, polymer, paper, packaging, cement, construction and building materials. At this temperature, food freezes instantly, preserving the nutrition and taste Scg paper research the food at its best.

Furthermore, the project is equipped with world-class advanced technologies which allow for high flexibility to utilize raw materials resulting in increased competitive advantage. For instance, the precast concrete panel provides value added with the smooth surface to minimize masonry and plastering and special formula non-shrink grout that prevents leakage between panel joints.

It addresses consumer needs and promotes better health for consumers. This new line of solutions extends from bathroom products to encompass entire housing solutions to ensure convenience and safety. InSCG Paper was granted a patent by the DIP for its innovative process involving the storage of bagasse with the use of lactobacillus, one of the most clinically studied beneficial bacteria.

Established an industrial bag business to serve the needs of consumers for a variety of industrial bag styles.

Innovative IP Development

Looking to expand its business, Siam Paper became the first Thai company to manufacture pulp from bagasse a fibrous residue made from crushing sugarcane stalks for producing kraft paper a rough paper used for product packaging. Partnership is very important to us and we work closely with our customer and supplier to ensure that we bring the right products to the market.

We manufacture and supply a full range of petrochemical products ranging from upstream monomers to downstream polymers including polyethylene, polypropylene, polyvinyl chloride, polystyrene and MMA. Developed safe packaging innovation, a special grade of plastic resin for food packaging that tolerates temperature as low as degrees Celsius.

High quality coated paper was traditionally manufactured from chemically treated white pulp that is laminated with a specially treated film and then polished on a sheet by sheet basis. Researched and developed innovations in cement and mortar by manufacturing the Platinum Formula Mortar, using flexible molecule technology that reduces the risk of cracking, thereby minimizing the cracks in the masonry wall and the need for repairs.

It is endeavoring to push the Thai industry sector to embrace environmentally friendly approach and create a sustainable coexistence between factories and communities.

In addition, SCG Paper has applied for and obtained industrial design protection for eight cargo pallet designs. Furthermore, 4 plants operated by 2 subsidiaries of Chemicals Business also achieved Green Industry Level 4 in Our scientists and engineers continually strive to create new products and improve our production processes.

By Siam Paper was manufacturing overtons of pulp a year. The plastic also withstands temperature of up to degrees Celsius, making it ideal for heating food containing oil with high boiling point. Additionally, Thai Paper Co. It has consistently developed an environmentally-friendly production process in order to reduce energy consumption and preserve the community environment around the mills to ensure sustainable development for society altogether.

We aim to bring our customers high performing products and services whilst striving for energy efficiency and sustainability. The film also allows for easy opening while preventing spills and contamination of scrap plastic with the food.

International commercialization is undertaken either directly through its subsidiaries or indirectly through various exporting partners. In it ventured into the printing and writing paper business and was the first company in Thailand to use alkaline sizing during production, an environmentally friendly process which makes paper acid free, significantly increasing its longevity.

Both parties also jointly established the SCG-Chula Engineering Research Center at the th Year Building of Faculty of Engineering to drive research projects addressing industrial needs and to cater for growing work scope with better tools and equipment.

Abundantly available in Thailand, the use of bagasse allowed Siam Paper to rapidly grow and in it was listed on the Thai Stock Exchange.

Chemicals Business, SCG has operated its business with a focus on sustainability. The company operates a fully-integrated forestry embracing the research and development of eucalyptus trees, promoting commercial eucalyptus as the raw material of various products.Research and Development.

SCG has been in the material business since the Our portfolio includes a wide array of products in downstream petrochemicals, polymer, paper, packaging, cement, construction and building materials. Thai Paper Company Limited, a subsidiary of SCG Packaging, is one of the largest integrated pulp and paper producers in ASEAN.

The company operates pulp and paper-based businesses including; Pulp Business, Paper. The umbrella SCG logo (WIPO Magazine) Background. InSiam Cement Group (SCG), the largest cement company in Thailand, entered the paper industry when it decided to acquire Siam Pulp and Paper Company Limited (Siam Paper), SCG’s then supplier of cement bags.

Home and Office Paper Idea WORK Idea Work super premium quality paper, is produced with N2 technology, latest innovation from SCG Paper, giving whiter paper and excellent print contrasts and sharpness, extra-high smoothness and high thickness, that are ideal for your printing needs.

Responsible for research projects in tree improvement, pulp, paper, coating, printing, packaging and related in fiber-base value chain.

IP. SCG Packaging Total Packaging Solutions Provider.

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Food Safety Packaging for the health conscious. Innovation Packaging for the environment and the world. Logistic packaging leads the way for global market challenges.

Scg paper research
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