Research paper on alcohol age

The age of adulthood, celebrated around the world, has a unique meaning in this country. The implications for this seem staggering to some —a soldier is allowed to die for the country but not allowed to have a beer?

Addressing the deleterious effects of youth alcohol use presents an extremely complex and challenging public health and policy issue, but we must remain committed to implementing and enforcing evidence-based practices and legislation p.

Drunken driving stats confirm that increasing the age led to reduction in the number of accidents caused by teens drinking and driving Naik. Definitely, you have your own view on the matter. The fact that laws are sometimes is not justification for changing the laws. If anything, they believe, that will encourage it.

This argument is not supported by the facts. Though the drinking age is 21 now, it has not been this way for very long. Here in the United States the legal drinking age is twenty-one. Therefore, having acquired the rights of the adult, one should be able to decide him- or herself whether to buy and drink alcohol.

Click here to buy a custom term paper. They must either ignore the reality of alcohol consumption among young people and forbid their children from drinking or break the law by serving alcohol to their under children.

Approximately two-thirds of high school students who drink alcohol admit to binge drinking. Alcohol has a biphasic effect on the body, which means that the effects change overtime. Journal of American College Health, 59, The drinking age debate is a hot topic and is brought up constantly and is always being debated over.

Let us see what can help you advocate your position in a more confident way, and therefore making your readers accept it as a fair one, if not agree with it totally. Currently, teens and young people drink more because it its illegal. Alcohol consuming should be normalized according to the needs of society.

Advantages of Lowering Drinking Age 18 is considered to be an adulthood age in almost the whole world. Lowering the legal age will make alcohol consumption less of a forbidden activity, which could cut down on the amount of alcohol teens consume.

You may study the impact of alcohol on human body and mental activity, causes and effects of alcohol addiction, legislature topics connected with drinking restrictions, traditions of drinking in different countries and so on.

This gave conformity throughout the nation with a national drinking law.??????????????????????????????????? Alcohol consumption would become a more normalized activity, and drinking could be done in moderation. Teenage binge drinkers also tend to have worse grades. Argument for lower drinking age To determine if the law really should be changed it is important to understand the opposing organizations and their biases to ascertain whether their points are valid.

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Research Paper Drinking Age

This is the argument that many Amethyst members stand with, but it has not been proven accurate. Some would even say that it needs to be raised.

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Her reason was that she thinks the drinking age of 21 has had a positive effect on colleges: Drunken driving statistics confirm that increasing the legal drinking age has led to a reduction in the number of fatal and nonfatal accidents caused by teenage drinking and driving.

They get a thrill from breaking the law, which causes them to drink more and to drink more often. The draft age and drinking age argument does not provide a convincing basis for a change in the law. Binge drinking has been a serious problem recently among teenagers as well.

Do not ignore the opposite views whatever they are. In case drinking age is lowered to 18, the law for drinking for the underage will not be broken.

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The youth is not trained or prepared to take on the burden of responsible drinking. All sides of the debate agree on one thing: The issue of whether it is reasonable to lower the drinking age in the United States or not remains controversial until nowadays.

New Zealand drinking age decrease Saylor uses the example of New Zealand to illustrate her point.Research Papers on the Legal Drinking Age Legal Drinking Age Research Papers research the reasons why legal drinking age should be raised.

When it comes to the issues of alcohol consumption and abuse, it is apparent that America’s youth are among the largest group of users and abusers.

Research Paper Drinking Age - Free research paper samples, guides, articles. Writing research paper All about making the best job. Take A+ Lowering the legal age will make alcohol consumption less of a forbidden activity, which could cut down on the amount of alcohol teens consume.

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“There is an extensively documented association between MLDA [Minimum Legal Drinking Age] 21 and decreased alcohol consumption, fewer alcohol-related problems, and reduced traffic accidents and fatalities” (p.

).5/5(2). While most of the world embraces an eighteen year old, or lower, minimum age for drinking alcohol, the United states is only one of four countries who have set the drinking age to twenty-one (Hanson). There has been much debate on whether the drinking age in the United States should be lowered from twenty-one to eighteen.

People in favor of keeping the drinking age at twenty-one believe that there will be less alcohol related injuries and deaths from vehicle accidents, as well less alcohol abuse among teens due to binge drinking.

Research paper on alcohol age
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