Preparation of aspirin and determination of the melting point

Slow heating is critical. If the two substances are identical the melting point should be the same as that of either sample. Highly concentrated levels of salicylic acid can produce a strong vinegar smell. Table 1 shows the data obtained after the synthesis of aspirin.

Salicylic Acid Salicylic acid has been used for thousands of years to treat fever and inflammation. In determining the melting point range of the aspirin, a capillary tube sealed at one end was one-third-filled with the dried aspirin.

More than 50 million 5-grain tablets of aspirin are consumed daily in the United States. Hi there, would you like to get such a paper? The experiment required a small amount of the sample to be firmly packed in a capillary tube.

While the ester can be formed from acetic acid and salicylic acid, a better preparative method uses acetic anhydrides in the reaction instead of acetic acid.

Crystallization is the process of arranging atoms or molecules in a liquid state into an ordered solid state. During this chemical reaction, these substances melt together and change to a solid, which is aspirin.

If the melting point of a pure compound is within a degree of the value found a lab handbook it is presumed to be pure. Salicylic acid proved to be irritating to the membranes of the throat, mouth, and stomach.

Retrieved 23 April Using pre-weighed filter paper, the mixture was filtered and was allowed to dry in the filter paper. The aspirin was synthesized when it was placed in a cold bath.

It can be concluded that the aspirin that was obtained was not pure because it has a wide melting range. If a compound has a high mp, it can take a long time to reach it at 1 or 2 degrees per minute!

A heating rate of 1 to 2 degrees per minute is will give good results. Melting Point Tips Most errors come from heating the sample too fast.

Table 2 shows the data obtained after melting the aspirin.

Aspirin Melting Point

The top of the melting range is the temperature at which the last of the solid fuses, i. If the two substances are not identical, then the melting point will be depressed. The percentage yield of the final product was calculated to be The compound is generally regarded as pure enough for most purposes if the melting range is no greater than 2oC.Aspirin | HC9H7O4 or C9H8O4 | CID - structure, The melting point is the temperature at which a substance changes state from solid to liquid at atmospheric.

First, you will measure the melting point of a sample of your product. Second, Part II Test the Melting Temperature of an Aspirin Sample 8.

Reinforce the technique of melting point determination 2. Preparation and melting point of Aspirin Aspirin is a painkilling drug and is produced worldwide to. 5. The melting point of aspirin 6. Using thin-layer chromatography to investigate the reaction 3. The preparation of aspirin. The experimental melting point range of aspirin was determined to Determination of Melting Point Experimental “Preparation of Aspirin from Salicylic.


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Preparation of aspirin and determination of the melting point
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