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Customer-Owned Attachment - For permitted customer-owned attachment, the Subscriber agrees to be solely responsible for any security breach that may arise from the use thereof such as, but not limited to, PBX hacking, in-house fraud, unauthorized call forwarding, or illegal connection through house cable wiretapping, and agrees to be liable to PLDT for all call charges accruing as a result of such security breach.

Rights Cumulative - All rights, powers or remedies, either under the foregoing terms and pldt business plan 3000 granted to PLDT shall be cumulative and not pldt business plan 3000 and shall pldt business plan 3000 in addition to and not in substitution for and in derogation of the rights, powers and remedies conferred to PLDT by law.

In which case, the Subscriber hereby irrevocably and unconditionally waives any and all its relevant remedies under the law, including but not limited to the right to claim damages.

Only telephone units with factory defects will be replaced within the said warranty period. Failure of the Subscriber to return the Customer Premises Equipment may, among others, give rise to liability or penalty under Article of the Revised Penal Code. Non Waiver - The failure of PLDT to enforce any of its rights under these terms and conditions or any portion thereof, for whatever reason, shall not be construed as a waiver of such right.

Any lease, assignment or transfer made without the necessary PLDT consent shall be void and PLDT shall have the right to continue billing and holding the subscriber on record liable under the pertinent terms and conditions as if no such lease, assignment or transfer was made.

Amendment - PLDT reserves the right to amend any of the provisions of any of the foregoing terms and conditions. For this purpose, PLDT shall have the right to full access to the relevant books and all other records of the subscriber in order to ascertain the volume of traffic and total amount of bypass compensation payable.

Notwithstanding anything contained herein to the contrary, any liability adjudged against PLDT in connection with or arising out of this Agreement shall be limited to the payment of the most recent charges actually paid by the Subscriber to PLDT.

PLDT also reserves the right, subject to the limits prescribed by existing laws, rules and regulations, impose penalties or interest for non-payment of overdue accounts.

The Subscriber is liable to pay all tolls and charges originating at his telephone regardless of who may originate such calls charged against the Subscriber and included in the pertinent PLDT billing. PLDT is entitled to a bypass compensation fee on account of any of the above Unauthorized Activities.

PLDT boosts myDSL Biz with customizable business bundles for SMEs

For the postpaid telephone service, the telephone instrument provided by PLDT is under warranty for the period provided for in the manual of service, which warranty period pldt business plan 3000 be reckoned from date of installation.

If the Subscriber opts to pay for the Gadget in installments, PLDT shall continue to own the Gadget until the Subscriber completes the installment payments for the Gadget, and the Subscriber is obligated to use and take care of the same with due care. By signing below, the Subscriber shall, upon subscription, be eligible for the freebies and promos discussed with the Subscriber during application.

Venue of Actions - The parties agree that the venue of all actions arising from any of the foregoing terms and conditions shall be the court of proper jurisdiction of Makati City, Metro Manila, Philippines to the exclusion of any other venue. The Subscriber agrees not to resell or to make any commercial use of the Service, without the prior express written consent of PLDT.

The Subscriber hereby holds PLDT free and harmless from the consequence of its failure to comply with its undertakings hereunder. Customer Premises Equipment - Any equipment, device, cable including connections and other accessories provided by PLDT and installed at the Subscriber premises, except for prepaid telephone service, shall at all times remain the property of PLDT and the Subscriber shall have no right or interest over the same except the right to use the same.

The monthly volume allocation will be reset at per billing cycle. The terms and conditions including any amendment governing the use of the PLDT Data Services shall also be found in www. Subscriber shall not in any manner undertake re-tagging of lines either directly or indirectly or provide for dummy numbers to be reflected as the calling number from their customer owned attachment using services subscribed from PLDT, without the prior written consent of PLDT.

Disconnection - Subject to existing provisions of law, violation of any of the foregoing provisions shall give PLDT the right to immediately disconnect the pertinent service without incurring liability for damages.

PLDT reserves the right to discontinue service due to non-payment of overdue accounts. Due to the nature of the Internet, PLDT does not warrant fast and efficient Internet access to be available at all times. In addition to the Unauthorized Activities referred to above, the Subscriber undertakes not to use the PLDT service for any activity that is contrary to morals and public policy or which violates any ordinance, law, decree, order, regulation or treaty the "Illegal Activities".

In the event of re-direction, the Subscriber must purchase additional volume booster packages via www. The bypass compensation is payable, without any limitation, from the time the Unauthorized Activity occurred or was discovered by PLDT, whichever is earlier, until the actual cessation thereof.

PLDT shall not be liable for any payment made to persons other than its authorized representatives. The Subscriber shall not run a server in connection with the PLDT Data Services or connect more than the agreed number of terminals, nor shall the Subscriber provide network services to others via the PLDT residential service.

In the event of any service interruption, PLDT shall not be liable for any and all damages that may be suffered by the Subscriber for the service interruption.This PLDT plan offers is for business owners (SME) and not the same for home fiber internet. If you’re planning to upgrade your current DSL, you can call PLDT business.


I allow PLDT Inc to share my personal profile with its business partners for purposes of commercial and promotional advertisements, loyalty and reward offers, surveys, customer care, after-sales communication and other direct marketing messages. Enabling moments that bring your family closer together, PLDT HOME offers Fibr, DSL, Ultera and Telpad services.

PLDT brings you the finest options when it comes to telecommunications solutions. Whether you need high-speed Internet connection, a landline or a combination of both, PLDT HOME has the right package for you.

Disclaimer and Limitation of Liability - Except as provided under the foregoing terms and conditions, PLDT gives no warranty with respect to the speed and quality of data or voice transmitted by, There is a corresponding speed of up to 10Mbps and volume allocation of 50GB for PLDT Home DSL Speedster Plan PLDT Home DSL FREE Installation and Wifi and Router has members.

For Landline and Internet connection. PLDT now offers best internet speed options that fit your requirements and needs. With the latest pricing plan denomination, you can now choose from 3Mbps up to 10 Mbps on myDSL home package. Internet speed depends on your monthly budget, on their high speed plan you can start at plan where you'll get up to 3 Mbps.

Pldt business plan 3000
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