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This would anger a lot of workers because a lower pay means a lower income tax return. So, this leads to the second provision of this new bill: This disparity and inequality lead to massive budget deficit as government struggles to borrow to rectify the problem. They fail to recognize that payments to Social Security will generally increase their future Social Security benefits.

With this change, Americans would be able to retire at a significantly young age compared to With the life expectancy gradually increasing, the government is simply projecting that the number of people receiving benefits and the number of people dying before they reach the age of 55 would more or less cancel each other out.

The money contributed to the Social Security program will define the best source of income for the otherwise desperate family. What if the Social Security tax burden was completely absorbed by the firms? People would then have more faith in Social Security thus increasing their incentives to work longer and harder.

The Social Security Program was established to serve more Persuasive essays on social security just as an insurance for retirees. If this new bill were to pass, the number of retirees would increase significantly and people would be more inclined to increasing their savings.

These discontinuities are used to estimate the effect of tax-benefit link on both the extensive labor supply retirement and intensive labor supply earnings and hours worked margins.

This is not the best approach for well being in the future. InBush ordered a presidential commission to come up with a plan to create individually controlled, voluntary personal retirement accounts to enhance Social Security, which is very similar to this section of the bill.

According to this provision of the new bill, salary and wage cuts would be a possible consequence.

It neglects to mention that although workers are told that a specific dollar amount from Social Security is due to them, the money may not be there when they retire. The deceased could be having little children and a younger spouse who needs significant source of finance to cope up.

When this happens, government begins to raise taxes and remove food tariffs as it tries to consolidate funds to pay for the deficit. In addition, the rate of return on Social Security retirement taxes is extremely low. This simply means that the behavior is altered from the norm because as people tend to finance their additional savings as they begin to start receiving benefits for early retirement.

For example, the average rate of return for a household of two hard-working year-old earners with children is a lowly 1. This system was not implemented to be an individual savings plan, but as a promise between generations.

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Inthe earnings test was eliminated for anyone who had attained the FRA in a previous calendar year, and it was vastly reduced for anyone older than the FRA who reached the FRA that same calendar year.

Under this provision, the present value of lifetime Social Security taxes paid would be calculated at the time of retirement, thus alleviating the dilemma of a low average rate of return.

First, we need to focus on the income distribution issue. After computing the lifetime payroll taxes and gains between the two, it is evident that the income is redistributed towards older generations.

The Social Security System is a very complicated program. Experts project that by the yearthe Social Security Trust Fund would be used up.

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In other words, both the workers and employers firms pay a tax equal to 6. In the current Social Security system, the payroll tax used to finance Social Security is shared between workers and employers. The change provides a natural experiment with which I can compare two cohorts—one that was affected by the change in the earnings test, and another that reached the FRA too early to be affected by it.

With personal retirement accounts, in contrast, the link between contributions and future income would be clear, and the economic distortions would be reduced. Several countries including Mexico, Chile, Britain and Australia have successfully made the transition Persuasive essays on social security their failed Social Security systems to healthy systems based on individual retirement accounts.

Essays on Social Security and Labor Supply by David Seif, Harvard University A common argument is that investment-based Social Security reform will improve economic efficiency by increasing the perceived link between retirement contributions and retirement benefits. This essentially entails that the Social Security Wealth is implicit in that the younger generations are funding the benefits for the older generations, thus causing an income shift.

Investment aspect of Social Security program also manifests when, for instance, the participant becomes disabled through an accident or a disease at an early age. The data for my dissertation are from the Health and Retirement Study HRSa longitudinal survey, much of which can be linked to Social Security earnings records.

For example, the legal age limit of 62 for workers to retire is compulsory to everyone. On the other hand, under the new bill, I would essentially collect on the full amount that I had paid in throughout my career after calculating the present value.

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