My venice and other essays review

Other reviewers took issue with the negative tone of a lot of the essays, but I found her curmudgeonly air delightful. Although it would explain why none of her books have managed to impress me so far.

She also has some essays about writing at the end of the book, including some advice on writing detective stories. Retreating to a house in the country, she encounters all sorts of singularly Italian critters—human and otherwise—including an attentive chicken, a wayward cat and a not particularly intelligent mole.

She also offers a scathing appraisal of Saudi Arabia, where she taught at one time. But I keep coming back to her books, hoping to find that really great one that I know is hidden in the series, and I do this for one reason: Leon clearly loves her adopted city, but she is not so pie-eyed as to overlook—and report to often hilarious effect—its idiosyncratic imperfections: An unabashed opera lover, Leon includes a handful of snappy pieces on the pursuit of that art form.

Which is all a long-winded way of saying that when I found this book, I was delighted - Donna Leon discussing Venice, without the distraction of her half-baked murder mysteries and useless filler scenes?

It was weird to watch Leon essentially bite the hand that feeds her, and it made me wonder if she only started writing mysteries because of the money, which makes me sad.

In one of her opera pieces, Leon gets to the end and mentions that when she was at the reception, she started imagining how a murderer would escape the room, and says that this is one of the perils of being a detective writer. My Venice and Other Essays.

My Venice and other essays

They are not the same. Moving beyond Italy, Leon is often less tolerant, but no less mordant, in her assessments of the U. Yet, there are endearing portraits of the somewhat eccentric members of her American family and a sprinkling of sweet childhood memories to soften her mounting discomfort with her native land.

But I keep coming back to her books, hoping to find that really gr Donna Leon and I have a strange relationship. Opera directors often use symbols in place of ideas.

Much in the way that I will happily watch paint dry if the narrator from Bridezillas is providing commentary, I will read just about any book that takes place in Venice. If, at any time during a performance, a bed appears on stage in a place other than a bedroom it is probably being used as a symbol.

My Venice and Other Essays collects some of these short and incisive pieces for the first time.My Venice and Other Essays is a treat for lovers of Italy and La Serenissima. Collected here are over fifty funny, charming, passionate, and insightful essays that range from battles over garbage in the canals to troubles with rehabbing Venetian real estate/5().

My Venice and Other Essays might fail to register on the radar of those unfamiliar with Leon’s fiction, which would be a pity. Savoring these short and engaging pieces is akin to sharing a latte at a Venetian café with an entertaining, opinionated, intelligent friend.

May 08,  · Birmingham's Place for the Latest Library News, Reviews, & Information. Tuesday, May 08, Book Review: My Venice and Other Essays. kirkus review An American mystery writer reveals a new character: herself.

Leon (The Golden Egg,etc.) is the author of the Commissario Guido Brunetti mysteries, set in Venice, where she has lived for more than 30 years. A book review of My Venice and Other Essays by Donna Leon.


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My venice and other essays review
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