Is compulsory military training necessary

Months or years of service amongst the most fit and capable subtracts from the productivity of the economy; add to this the cost of training them, and paying them. Is compulsory conscription a good thing or a bad thing?

However, its ramifications on the young people enlisted, the quality of military service, the labor market, the future generations and the like should be carefully considered. In late August official media reported a quilt-folding exercise during military training in Jinan in Shandong province, with the fastest student folding their quilt in 80 seconds.

Compulsory military service

This may be less a problem in an agrarian or pre-industrialized state where the level of education is generally low, and where a worker is easily replaced by another. Conclusion Mandatory military service has its Is compulsory military training necessary and has proven itself valuable in protecting the sovereignty of the state as well as in expanding its territories — take for example the Qin Empire that conquered a large area of what is now China, as well as the case of France during the French Revolution that was able to defend itself from the attacks of European monarchies in the late 16th century.

This could lead to high casualty rate among soldiers drafted under compulsory military service. Every able-bodied persons should be enlisted as a trainee. Whether it is mental issue, physical issue, or psychologically issue, not everyone is fit to meet the physical, mental and emotions demands of the job.

Many military volunteers who have pursued a career in the civilian workplace mentioned several other skills and work-related attitudes that help them well in their job. Last month official media reported the case of a student undergoing military training at a high school in Nanjing, capital of Jiangsu province, who called the police.

Will the best still leave? But the purpose of military training for students is changing, as students and others consider whether the gruelling routines are really necessary. After military training, the person should be given a choice of joining the armed forces or doing 6 months of compulsory social work.

Promotes National Unity Mandatory military service can promote national unity in many ways. In the compulsory military service conscripts acquire basic knowledge necessary for them to act as specialists in wartime military units. At reserve trainings the knowledge and skills acquired in the compulsory military service are refreshed.

Every soldier conscripted in the army is taken away from his civilian work, and away from contributing to the economy which funds the military.

Compromises the Quality of Military Service Unlike voluntary soldiers who are willing to undergo rigorous training and serve the country for a long time in the military, draft soldiers often lacks the necessary experience and preparedness, providing low combat skill quality when the time comes they are sent to war.

Military service

Compared to these extensive costs, some would argue there is very little benefit; if there ever was a war then conscription and basic training could be completed quickly, and in any case there is little threat of a war in most countries with conscription.

Reserve officer course for conscripts In the reserve officer course conscripts who have passed the junior NCO course learn to command a platoon or four squads in peacetime and wartime conditions. It is, as they say, the law. The new uniform compulsory service insures that all military personnel start off at the same level, are given equal opportunities to show their strengths and abilities and be able to later excel in their careers.

The decision said the Constitution gave Congress the power to declare war and to raise and support armies.


Even today, most countries mandating conscription only do so for males. A student in Guangzhou speaking on condition of anonymity told University World News: For long two hundred years, India was under the British rule. Involuntary servitude[ edit ] American libertarians oppose conscription and call for the abolition of the Selective Service Systembelieving that impressment of individuals into the armed forces is " involuntary servitude.

Can you imagine every Indian man and woman over the ages 18 attending months of military school or even attending compulsory military training? The cost of conscription can be related to the parable of the broken window in anti-draft arguments.

Many people should be recruited for the purpose. Some countries impose mandatory military service even today. They have become cowards. The specialty training terminates with a 3-week combat pair course where conscripts train the performance of combat tasks as members of combat pairs.

Conscientious objectionAntimilitarismand Conscientious objection throughout the world A conscientious objector is an individual whose personal beliefs are incompatible with military serviceor, more often, with any role in the armed forces.

It sparked much discussion in social media and among students. Those that fulfill a long time dedication to duty are praise worthy. The time may arrive again when a megalomaniac comes to power in the United States. Every graduate of the NCO or reserve officer course has the right to apply for studies in the Military Academy.

Every healthy Indian should get military training. A reservist retires from service at 61 year of age. Wary commanders This year military camp commanders have been wary after an apparent rise in discontent in recent years among students, and some commanders are reporting that obedience is no longer as forthcoming from students as in the past.

Compared to these extensive costs, some would argue there is very little benefit; if there ever was a war then conscription and basic training could be completed quickly, and in any case there is little threat of a war in most countries with conscription.

Essay on Compulsory Military Training

Let us take a look at its pros and cons, and you be the judge. Students play camp-style games such as tug-of-war and goose-stepping has been scaled back in some regions.Compulsory military service can give person a sense of discipline and patriotism.

The army also offers numerous chances of basic as well as higher education. Compulsory military training can be taken up after graduation. Morocco eliminated compulsory military service as of 31 Augusthowever, this law has been revised in which will lead to the reintroduction of the compulsory military service when the law is voted by the parliament.

Essay on Compulsory Military Training. Article shared by. Introduction: In every country we find a military department.

Every country needs soldiers and weapons to keep peace and tranquility inside the country and to fight out the external enemies. So, the military training should be made compulsory for all. It is necessary in the large.

Some Chinese students, parents and teachers question whether mandatory military training is done properly, or is even necessary.

Conscription, sometimes called the draft, is the compulsory enlistment of people in a national service, most often a military service.

Conscription dates back to antiquity and continues in some countries to the present day under various names. * Military training is schooling of body and spirit in the art of killing.

10 Meaningful Pros and Cons of Mandatory Military Service

Military training is education for war. It is the perpetuation of war spirit. It hinders the development of the desire for peace. * Conscription involves the degradation of human personality, and the destruction of liberty.

Is compulsory military training necessary
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