Inspiring people

Inspiring people also played a key role in the Spanish church at a time when women were largely marginalised. Emil Zatopek — Greatest long-distance runner, winning three gold medals at the Olympics.

Amidst all this, he found time to paint the most iconic picture in history — The Mona Lisa. Congress subsequently passed the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act inchanging federal law to better protect women in the workplace.

When he set himself on fire out of desperation in Decemberhe became a symbol of the suffering of all Tunisians.

9 Famous People Who Will Inspire You to Never Give Up

The Dalai Lama teaches a path of tolerance and compassion. At age 15, Carrey performed his comedy routine onstage for the first time—in a Inspiring people his mom made him—and totally bombed, but he was undeterred.

But whom do you have to thank for that? Jim Carrey When Carrey was 14 years old, his father lost his joband his family hit rough times. Rosa showed what ordinary people can do when they stick fast to their beliefs in testing conditions.

Currently, she is working on a campaign to fight childhood obesity. At 17, she became the youngest person to ever receive the Nobel Peace Prize.

15 Ordinary People Who Changed History

He was a charismatic spiritual leader who retained great faith in moral and spiritual values. Sir Isaac Newton — One of the greatest scientists of all time. Eric was an accomplished sportsman also representing Scotland at rugby union.

George Orwell — George Orwell was a democratic socialist who fought in the Spanish civil war on the side of the Republicans. His chicken was even praised in the media by food critic Duncan Hines yes, that Duncan Hines.

He called the police, and the rest is history. Growing up, Oprah was reportedly a victim of sexual abuse and was repeatedly molested by her cousin, an uncle, and a family friend. Mikhail Gorbachev — Had the courage, tenacity and strength of character to give up the absolute power of Soviet Communism.

Inhe was arrested for sheltering Jews and sent to Auschwitz. It would just haunt me. Inspired a new generation of readers Newly divorced and struggling to make ends meet, single mom Joanne Rowling turned to work on the novel she had been outlining for five years.

I replaced the nail with a spike and kept on writing. She even pretended to be a nurse to get inside the Warsaw Ghetto and, working with the underground organization Zegota, helped free an estimated 3, Jewish children.People who changed the world. This is a list of people who have changed the world (for better or worse).

Also see: People who made a difference and changed the world for the better. People who changed the world. Inspiration has many faces, spans many centuries, and lives big and small. Here are the world’s most inspirational people as voted for by 2, readers, followers, writers and contemporary figures.

People who changed the world aren't always who you'd expect. They're housewives, sisters, and ordinary people believe in a better world. Hello and welcome to my top 50 inspirational people. This article is my dedication to the people who have made the biggest impact in my life. Inspirational People.

This is a selection of inspirational people, people who have made a lasting contribution towards creating a better world.

These people have inspired others by their various achievements, but also by their attitude and values. 31 Most Inspiring Women Who Changed The World.

31 Most Inspiring Women Who Changed The World

After reading about these legendary women, you'll know you can contribute towards the society no matter what - you don't need to be in a specific field, time or environment to make a .

Inspiring people
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