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In the final of the 3 posts Ib economics commentary Mastering the Economics IA we will take a detailed look at the rubric and use a checklist to make sure you really do get full marks.

Relevant, accurate and correctly labelled diagrams are included, with a full explanation. Checklist to get full marks: Article allows for linking two or more concepts in the chosen section of syllabus: I have my students do one microeconomics IA commentary once we finish microeconomics unit, then one macroeconomics IA commentary once we finish macroeconomics unit, then they can choose either one international economics or development economics IA commentary once we finish the syllabus!

Terminology 2 marks IB Explanation: Like price ceilings AND subsidies? You need to force yourself to explain things step by step. I have included what the IB says they expect for full marks, and translated that into actionable steps. They skip steps in their explanation. Article should deal with contentious issues that are of interest to YOU: Once again, the portfolio should contain a diversity of news sources from different parts of the world!

For example, apples are too expensive after the drought. IB learners should be globally-minded world citizens. However, in the electricity market consumers sign fixed-term contracts with suppliers. So by the end, there will be an microeconomics-related article, macroeconomics-related article, and either international- or development economics-related article!

How to find a good article for your Economics IA Commentary?

E1, E2 -You have shaded in and fully label the areas of the shapes on your diagram i. Copying sentences or parts of this piece of work will result in failing your IB Diploma programme because of plagiarism!

In this case, firms are increasing charges in order to keep abnormal profit maximum.

IB Economics Commentary on Market Failure

If costs increase above the price ceiling, firms might start making a loss: This creates excess demand at the original equilibrium price, which puts upward pressure on price. The portfolio should contain a diversity of news sources from different parts of the world. The government sets the price P2.

Internal Assessment Sample – Microeconomics

Even if this is true, the IA is about going deep into one part of the course, rather than showing the linkages between different parts. Thirdly, the market would be allocatively efficient. Each article used in portfolio covers a different section of the syllabus: Article lends itself automatically to drawing one or two diagrams: These possible complications2 allow suppliers to increase the price virtually without losing clients.

Diagrams 3 marks IB Explanation: Secondly, consumers would be protected from oligopolies exploiting their power and putting up the prices. A clear picture can help you tell a lot.

And also diagram your solution. Each article is a primary source: It means that resources are allocated in the way that quantity of good produced is the quantity preferred by the customers. This criterion assesses the extent to which the student is able to construct and use diagrams.

Obviously you will want to fully label your X and Y axis.Economics Commentary- Market Failure. In the article, the negative externality was the spilling Moreover, these profit maximising firms are only concerned about the private costs of production, not the social costs they might create through the production of demerit goods.

Meeting The Economics IA Rubric Requirements On this, the third of three posts to make sure you score full marks on your Economics Internal Assessments, I want to give you a detailed checklist you can use to check your own work. Apr 25,  · IB Economics- Macroeconomics Commentary - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free.

The commentary discusses and explains the causes and some solutions to unemployment in Spain using the Huffington Post article "Spain unemployment hits record high on recession fears" Economics was taken as an SL subject by me/5(13). Ib Economics Commentary - Aggregate Demand Words Feb 23rd, 6 Pages This article covers the first increase in housing prices in Australia in.

Ib Economics Commentary - Aggregate Demand Words | 6 Pages. demand for small and cheap houses may increase while expensive houses drop in demand. Internal Assessment Sample – Microeconomics Warning: this is an actual Internal Assessment submitted by a student to the IB! Copying sentences or parts of this piece of work will result in failing your IB Diploma programme because of plagiarism!

Ib economics commentary
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