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Typically, a combination of several intensity-modulated fields with different gantry angle directions produces a customized radiation dose distribution that increases the dose to tumor while at the same time minimizing the dose to the nearby normal tissues. The aim of this study is to: While 3D planning became available for accurate dose calculations to such irregular shapes, we were still limited in the corrections we could make.

Conformal radiotherapy allows the delivery of a radical dose of radiotherapy while minimizing the dose to normal tissue structures, thus minimizing the negative effects of treatment. Low levels of gamma rays cause a stochastic health risk, which for radiation dose assessment is defined as the probability of cancer induction and genetic damage.

Gamma rays are undeniably providing significant advantages most especially to the field of medicine and Gamma radiation practical essay. With regard to doses to organs at risk, there was a relatively dose reduction for the kidneys and spinal cord with FIF when compared to wedge-based planning.

Dangers of Gamma Rays

The FIF technique did not proof superior dosimetric results. Gamma spectroscopy Gamma spectroscopy is the study of the energetic transitions in atomic nuclei, which are generally associated with the absorption or emission of gamma rays.

As it passes through matter, gamma radiation ionizes via three processes: To overcome the effect of formation of over dose regions, a manual forward planning method has been used. Same radiation dose constraint was used for all five plans.

The isodose distributions are usually evaluated by dose volume histograms. Thus, the compensators and wedges may be called intensity modulators, albeit much simpler than the modern computer-controlled intensity modulation systems such as dynamic multileaf collimators. In the traditional external beam photon radiation therapy, most treatments are delivered with radiation beams that are of uniform intensity across the field within the flatness specification limits.

Despite their cancer-causing properties, gamma rays are also used to treat some types of cancersince the rays also kill cancer cells.

However, you also have to pay attention to the dangers of gamma rays. But naturally, there will be some dose hot spots in the plan. Therefore, cFIF has appropriate dose conformity and is recommended be an optimal method for small-sized breasts. Table 1 is generated to give a flavor of the progression of techniques that may be available at each level and should not be considered as a prescriptive indication that every treatment should use all the techniques listed.

Dangers One of the most horrific dangers of gamma rays comes when these strong forms of energy are utilized in large doses. A dose of 5 Sv [20]. When healthy cells are also destroyed, there may be possibility for side effects to happen.

This is just one of the seven classifications of radiant energy that compose the electromagnetic spectrum. Compton scattering is thought to be the principal absorption mechanism for gamma rays in the intermediate energy range keV to 10 MeV.

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Electromagnetic energy travels across space in the form of waves. For this reason conformal radiotherapy is not often used when delivering palliative treatment, although it is always required to reduce the volume of non-target tissue that is irradiated. Gamma-induced molecular changes can also be used to alter the properties of semi-precious stonesand is often used to change white topaz into blue topaz.

Gamma rays are also used for diagnostic purposes in nuclear medicine in imaging techniques. For each target planning target volume PTVthe user enters the plan criteria: The mean deviation of the manual calculations compared with TPS data was?? Its principle benefit therefore is to patients who are to be received potentially curative radiotherapy.

In the usual external beam photon radiation therapy, most treatments are applied with radiation fields that are of uniform intensity across the field within the flatness specification limits. By interaction with the electric field of a nucleus, the energy of the incident photon is converted into the mass of an electron- positron pair.

The probability of Compton scattering decreases with increasing photon energy. There are UK writers just like me on hand, waiting to help you. Low-grade acute toxicity evaluated weekly during the radiotherapy course and 2 months after treatment completion justified the follow-up of all breast patients, treated with this technique, in their department.

It is also used if food irradiation which is considerably a safe and effective means to secure the safety of food for consumption.

These rays are now widely used in industrial and commercial purposes. However, the use of these powerful forms of energy does not focus mainly on destroying cancer cells as healthy cells are also killed through the process.

Depending on which molecule has been labeled with the tracer, such techniques can be employed to diagnose a wide range of conditions for example, the spread of cancer to the bones via bone scan.This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers.

the object's atoms, increasing their vibration or translational motion, which results temperature increases. Infrared radiation has practical and scientific application in many areas, including physical therapy, infrared radiation photography, and vibration.

This free Health essay on Essay: Radiation therapy is perfect for Health students to use as an example. Gamma radiation Practical decaying of the gamma ray source.

Radioactive substances decay with time, therefore the emission of rays at the start of the practical would 5/5(1). Gamma Radiation. Gamma radiation is one of the three types of natural radioactivity. Gamma rays are electromagnetic radiation, like X-rays. The other two types of natural radioactivity are alpha and beta radiation, which are in the form of particles.

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How to Cite this Page. MLA Citation: Three different types of radiation will be looked which include alpha, beta and gamma. The penetrating power of the gamma radiation decreased as the.

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