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Another example would be of the Italian physicist Galileo Galilei who, despite the endless controversy, criticism and denouncing made against him, proved false the long withheld notion of the geocentric view that the Earth was at the center of the Universe.

History, similar to science, is also provisional to a certain extent. In fact, most of the population believes it to be correct Miller.

This essay will seek to address the extent to which doubt is manifested as a key to knowledge regarding two areas of knowledge, Science and History. In early Mesopotamian study, the Earth was believed Extent doubt key knowledge be a flat disk with a dome, until Ferdinand Magellan managed to prove that Earth was spherical after successfully circumnavigating the Earth in the 15th Century.

It was certainly an increase in all the fields of knowledge, for all of a sudden, thousands of copies of a book can be made in a small amount of time. It opens one to inquisition and compels a reassessment of a given truth, allowing for improved revisions, thereby furthering gains in knowledge.

To What Extent Is Doubt The Key To Knowledge? Essay Sample

Theories with enough logic can falsify previously held standing knowledge. My stand is that through doubt, science is indeed provisional. Doubt is one of the factors that influence the expansion of knowledge.

Interesting graphs illustrating the acceptance of evolution. In this regard, doubt certainly cannot be attributed as the key to knowledge as claimed. Provisional, means to allow for falsifications. This case of development, just like that of the other Ancient Greeks, was a great contribution to knowledge.

However, this fact strengthens the fact that it is doubt that leads to knowledge.

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By following a pattern in the growth of knowledge in many subjects such as the natural sciences, history, and human sciences, one may see a significant boost in the accumulation of information occurred during the Classical and Post-Medieval times, when the Church held less power over the people.

Hence, this attests to the presence of doubt in historical study. By eliminating the right for people to have their doubts, the Church eliminated the chance for expansion and improvement of knowledge, as well.

He was the first to claim that mental activity is non-physical, increasing knowledge in human science and psychology. This is the reason why such a gap in the increase of knowledge occurred.As a Persian Proverb once said, "Doubt is the key to knowledge." Doubt is one of the factors that influence the expansion of knowledge.

Any fact that is considered true beyond any suspicion had to be subject to at least one person's questioning, since "any Reviews: 1.

Transcript of To what extent is doubt the key to knowledge? To what extent Is doubt the key to Knowledge? HISTORY Natural Science What is doubt? Definition: a feeling of uncertainty about the truth, reality, or nature of something.

Rene Descartes Descartes doubted everything To reach certainty and. “Doubt is the key to knowledge” (Persian Proverb). To what extent is this true in two areas of knowledge?

As a Persian proverb once said to have progress in knowledge it is necessary to doubt. All in all, the statement "doubt is the key to knowledge" is true to an extent as proven earlier by the areas and ways of knowledge.

But it is to a certain extent true, not fully true because other areas of knowledge such as the ethics contradict what the Persian proverb says. Doubt is the Key to Knowledge”.To What Extent is this True in Two Areas of Knowledge?As a student currently taking the International Baccalaureate, I constantly question the differences between the several areas of knowledge which I study.

In a period where technology shows constant developments which trigger new discoveries and establish new facts, a critical outlook is essential in order. Aug 18,  · Nonetheless, through careful study and research on these various areas of knowledge, this essay presents the stand that doubt, to a large extent, is an indispensable and important factor as the key to knowledge.

Extent doubt key knowledge
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