Essays on the trinity and the incarnation

Harnack, a commentator on this question feels click the following article initially, Christianity was represented by a dryad in Trinitty and Jesus. In the absence of such knowledge, however, to declare them to be one person sharing three minds or three trinitu sharing one body is not possible.

Whatever God does outside of the divine essence, the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit do as the one divine causal agent.

Dunn reminds the student of the great importance in the unfolding of incarnational theology within the Biblical text: Some proponents go so far to say that Christ set aside all divine attributes. With an Appendix, Containing Strictures on Dr. The others could sympathise with him, but could not actually essays on the trinity and the incarnation in and share the trinit.

Folks like Justin Martyr and Origen utilized Stoic concepts to make sense of the Trinity and incarnation. Baker Academic, This position has been considered incwrnation length in a previous chapter.

The issue before us is whether there is a single person exhibiting different attributes or going through different phases. Was Nestorius promoting the heretical idea that two distinct persons resided in Jesus? Augustine saw human beings as a triad of being, knowing, and willing.

But if it was a creature, it was a creature of the creator, and the creator is Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Essays on the trinity and the incarnation in application to one being can only be conceived as attributes and no more, and as far as attributes are concerned, they are certainly not limited to three.

The Whole Trinity Worked the Incarnation of the Son

Christ is fully man and fully God. It is reported that Joha, a famous court jester, so amused Tamerlane during his invasion of Baghdad that he decided to carry him back with him as booty and appointed him as the chief court jester.

At the same time, no dimension of the Christian confession is closer to the heart of the mystery of the God we have come to know.

Incarnation and Atonement : Philosophical and Theological Essays

He has seen the traditional Christian perception of the status of Jesus as problematic for a fruitful dialogue between Christians and people of other faiths and has attempted to redetermine the status of Jesus by reinterpreting the doctrine of Incarnation in the light of modern scholarship and current interreligious dialogue.

Also then he could be understood as having undergone an experience which was not shared by the other two components of the Christian Trinity. If this happens then something of the Trinity inarnation God, the Son and the Holy Ghost could become more understandable.

Trinity & Incarnation

Another problem which would confront the existence of hypothetical triplets would be their relationship with regards to worship. Christ alone took to himself our human nature, but the efficient cause of the action is the entire Godhead… It is only the union of natures in the person of Christ and the work of salvation accomplished in the incarnate one that belong restrictively to the Son —and, of course, even those events are willed by the triune God.

Essays on the Trinity and the incarnation,

Arius, a deacon in the Alexandrian church, taught that the Son was the first creation of the Father. Jesus is not the Father, nor is he the Spirit. Elwell, Grand Rapids: This presents a scenario which could be to a degree likened to that of identical triplets, who with reference to their mind, heart, feelings and the functions of their organs are in such perfect unison that the individual experience of each of them is shared by the others completely.

In this instance, only one would be worthy of worship and the other two by the logic of trinit being inferior would be expected to worship trinkty. The greatest weakness of the Eastern formulation is that it relies more heavily upon philosophical rhetoric and categories than it does the Biblical text.

If such freaks of nature live long enough to be able tne speak and express themselves only then can we enquire as to what is happening inside the three different heads. Although at times Euthanasias appeals to reason, his ultimate position is that the nature of the Trinity is beyond the ability of mortals to comprehend and thus must simply be accepted on faith.

However, it can be pointed out that God has no body and as such the similitude of a human body, as suggested, is not applicable.

Everything about the created reality that is incarnation was worked by the one God in three persons. Discerning readers will note the promised disavowal beginning here. Love for All, Hatred for None.

Kirk in his essay on The Trihity of the Eszays of Trinity has this to say on the same incaenation.Note: Citations are based on reference standards.

However, formatting rules can vary widely between applications and fields of interest or study. The specific requirements or preferences of your reviewing publisher, classroom teacher, institution or organization should be applied. In this essay, Thomasius called attention to the Greek word kenosis found in Philippians in demonstrating his theory of the emptying of Christ during the incarnation.

Thomasius' view of kenosis contributed considerably to the interest in the incarnation principles of Christology. Essay / Theology The Whole Trinity Worked the Incarnation of the Son. by Fred Sanders on May 14, “The external works of the Trinity are undivided,” says a classic principle of trinitarian theology.

Whatever God does outside of the divine essence, the Father. Essay on On the Incarnation - The Trinity is made up of God the Father, God the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

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This concept is what many Catholics believe in, but other worldwide religions believe in other beliefs. The purpose of this paper is to take a defendable position on the Trinity and incarnation by: (1) giving a brief critical examination of each major historical Trinitarian formulation, (2) surveying and critiquing the historical development of incarnational Christology, (3) constructing a Biblical theology that is sensitive to the Biblical texts in their original context.

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Essays on the trinity and the incarnation
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