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However, she does wish that she has done more. Even though Emily has had a grim life there is still hope from all that has happened, Emily has gifts, which she can use to bring the better out in herself.

Emily is blind to anything positive about herself; instead she chooses to hide in the shadow of her younger sister Susan.

In the ending paragraph the author feels resentment and cold for everything that has happened to Emily, but she also sees a glimmer of hope in her future.

This reference alludes to President F. The atmosphere and setting have contributed a lot to the theme of the story.

The narrator feels somewhat cheated that the world Emily was raised in was a cruel and harsh one. Order now When reading the short story? The Great Depression had left its mark, creating massive poverty and unemployment.

As a woman I would think Redmond2 that a woman would know what is best for both the mother and her child. Taking place during the s and s a single mother has to cope with the Great Depression, WWII, and the feminist movement of the s while raising her first born daughter Emily.

Through all this Emily grew up to be gloomy with a lack of popularity, and low self-esteem. The author uses a iron as a metaphor for how the woman in the story tells the life of her daughter and why her daughter is the way that she is.

In a way the woman lays everything out on the table and irons it out straight. The importance of this quote is that this New Deal made it harder for single moms to support their families.

The mother expresses that she is nineteen and therefore can control her own life.

I Stand Here Ironing Excerpt AP Essay Essay Sample

Olsen wrote that the character did everything by the book she breast fed by the clock like they said. A conflict is created by the lack of understanding the single teenage mother has for raising her first child.

From reading the entire poem, conclusions were made that the family were not as fortunate. By the end of the story the mother and daughter relationship grew a little closer Emily who lacked meaning found a talent.

When someone irons a piece of clothing, it is usually to get out the wrinkles and to make it look almost perfect to wear into the world. Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues.

The narrator sees a spark of hope though in her youngest child Ronnie, she feels that see can write her wrongs in him and fix what she has broken in herself.

Though the narrator blames society and the world for the way Emily is she also blames herself. The narrator though chooses to describe Emily as a sensitive, thoughtful, and selfless individual who has survived through a terrible ordeal.

I Stand Here Ironing? Many single mothers can relate to this story because it tells about the hardships that some unfortunate mothers?

Even though she wanted to do more, it was physically impossible. You think because I am her mother.! Emily also gained a sense a sense of responsibility by taking care of her siblings.

More essays like this: It made her feel even worse. They have created a deeper sense in the raising of a child on your own. The quote shows that they are in the years when the Atomic bomb is developed and its even more crazier than a usual day. The poem has sudden allusions to the time period they are in.

Her tone seems to change from hopeful to condemning. Olsen uses specific historical allusions to help rationalize her feelings and actions toward her daughter.Unlike most editing & proofreading services, we edit for everything: grammar, spelling, punctuation, idea flow, sentence structure, & more.

I Stand Here Ironing

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I Stand Here Ironing, parenting, - Parental Detachment in I Stand Here Ironing. In the short story “I Stand Here Ironing” by Tillie Olsen, a mother’s reflections are used to characterize herself and her attitudes towards her daughter.

In "I Stand Here Ironing", by Tillie Olsen, Olsen uses the symbolism of the iron, specific historical allusions, and condemning emotional tone to.

Essay on i stand here ironing
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