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He surprised the Danes and defeated them at Ethandune. Once the Roman legions left the islands aroundhowever, they left little linguistic imprints. The settlement of these people in England not only involved political and linguistic assimilation but also culture and religion which are essential in the development of language.

This period gave way to the advancement of the language in terms of words incorporation from other native languages specifically the Northern European and some Germanic tribes. English had woken from its hibernation.

The Saxons settled in the southwestern parts of the island which gave rise to their own dialect called West Saxon. English also bears slight resemblance to Latin and Greek. Hire Writer The reason behind is that, English is the only means to communicate with all the people of the world wherever you are or what ever country you may be.

The Romans did not have much linguistic contribution on the linguistics development, but the collapsed of the Empire paved the way for the settlement of Anglo-Saxon.

During the Anglo-Saxon period, the arrival of Christian missionaries brought a whole slew of new words for the people to absorb. He was crowned on Christmas day in a ceremony using both English and Latin. According to Barbara Fennell, there was no written record about language use in Britain before the Anglo-Saxon invasion Fennell, p.

The Saxons, the Angles, and the Jutes, collectively known as the Anglo-Saxons, conquered the indigenous Celtic tribes. Germanic tribesmen arrived almost immediately after the collapse of the Roman Empire in England. That was one of the reasons English survived through the Conquest.

There was so much mixing that one could hardly tell who was Norman and who was English. He instituted a chronicle recording current events which was unique in Europe.

Throughout the development process, especially coming into the Middle Ages, English language had survived its —s plural form and the weak —n form become infrequent as in the case of oxen, brethren, children and oxen.

The Arrival of Celts in Britain English language was known as the language of English people, however, it was not the language spoken by earliest settlers of the lands; historians believed that many races had come and their languages were not known and recorded in the history until the arrival of the Celts which had the trace of Old English language, and began the history of its development.

The majority spoke English, but was humiliated by "linguistic apartheid": He introduced the printing press to England and reproduced the speech of London.

We also owe the sometimes incomprehensible spelling patterns to him. The history of English truly began when the Romans conquered the islands in approximately 55 B.

During the Renaissance, there was an explosion of English literature, aided in part by the Reformation. The decay of inflectional endings was attributed to the influence of Vikings in their language and at the same time, the Germanic language has a stress on the first syllable and not on endings.

History of English Language

This was encouraged by Geoffrey Chaucer, called the "first foundeur and embellissher of our English" by one of his contemporaries. From its earliest roots as a branch of the Indo-European stock and through fusions of what seems like hundreds of different languages, English continues to evolve and adapt to the people and ideas that created it.

The "official" English was that of the trade and learning center of the country: Not long when the Germans formed a kingdom known in history as the Anglo-Saxon heptarchy. These changes have been observed in the Modern English. The Scandinavian Influence Of course, there had been more developments and significant contribution towards the linguistic development of the English language.Definition of the English Language Essay Words | 5 Pages of the English Language The many varieties of dialects and accents of the English language make it difficult to put together one exact definition of what the English language is when looked upon as one unified language.

History of English essays The English language is arguably the most influential in the modern world.

As the language of the only modern military and economic superpower, the United States, it has become the de facto language of international trade.

But though English is spoken now by over mill.

History of English Language Essay

Richard Lederer's essay, "The Strange Case of the English Language," has opened our minds to the fact that English is such a crazy language, after all. Despite the fact that it is the one of the most contradicting languages in the history of linguistics, English has still been the /5(12).

English language, like many elements in the history, has gone many transformations for nothing is permanent in this world. There are many contributing factors that played in its development as what it is now including different influences brought to it by merging of cultures and sometimes war.

The History of the English Language In this paper I will discuss where and how the English language originated and how it has spread to become one of the most spoken languages in the world. Before I started my research on my topic of choice, my original hypothesis was that the English language was started by a whole assortment of Germanic tribes invading England thousands of years ago.

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Essay about history of english
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