Draw a picture and write an equation for division

Choose several more places in the problem-solving sequence to invite student responses. How do you know it is a division sign? Elicit the appropriate response.

Division as making groups

This number must be my divisor because it is the remaining number. The students communicate with each other and agree upon the answer to the problem. What do we check last? Drawing pictures to solve problems is a lot like using our concrete materials. How does the bar graph connect to this problem?

Draw pictures for division of unit fractions

Build Meaningful Student Connections Purpose: Count aloud the groups. How many groups do I have? And how many tallies do I have left over? This is a new concept for the students. I know that I have to divide because the sign I discovered is a division sign.

Solve division problems by drawing pictures

To divide means to share equally. They have learned about words, such as "left" and "both. Appropriate counting objects and containers. Usually, the dividend will be the number that has the higher value because it represents the total. If so, what are they?

Ask students questions and encourage them to provide all responses. Last, I find the divisor.

Use a Bar Diagram and Write an Equation

How do you know this is the divisor? I like to expose my students to different methods to solve problems. Point to the appropriate space.

Groups are discussing how to use the bar graph as a tool to help solve their problems. It must be evident that they are using clues to help them determine the correct operation. Drawing pictures is also faster than using concrete objects so it will help you become even more talented at solving division problems.

What do we check next? As I prepare the students for the PARCC assessment, they must always make sure that all of their responses to a problem whether written, model, etc.

Low level of teacher support. Can I circle these tallies? When students demonstrate increased competence, do not model the process. I know I can draw pictures to solve a division equation. I do this by counting my tallies to be sure they total the dividend.Problem Solving: Draw a Picture with new concepts such as equivalent fractions or the basic operations of multiplication and division.

Write for Us; Advertise. Sep 08,  · Students will be able to draw a picture and write an equation to represent the addition or subtraction of a decimal number.

To begin the lesson, I call the students to the carpet. I have the power point for the lesson Draw a Picture and Write an Equation already up on my Smart board. The Division Process: Division with Remainders: or draw and check.

d. Write the answer. 5) I know I can draw pictures to solve a division equation. A complete lesson with teaching and exercises about the division concept as making groups of certain size, meant for third grade. Students make groups of certain size using the visuals, and write. Solving Multiplication and Division Equations; More Draw a Picture and Write an Equation; Eighth Grade» Chapter 2» Draw a Diagram and Write an Equation.

Draw a picture and write an equation for division
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