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This project can be for TV or it can be a web series. I completed my BA in history and creative writing at the University of Alberta.

Online MFA Courses

Some students complete their entire degree at a distance. In this workshop-based course, you will be asked to submit two substantial pieces of writing which can both be from the same project, but must be new, never workshopped beforeand you will have the opportunity to be a peer editor once.

Is your current career path as you originally intended? Students learn dialogue, how to develop complex characters, scene endings and other elements of effective stage storytelling.

We will workshop two pieces: Study fiction, non-fiction, poetry, screenwriting, playwriting, writing for children, graphic novel, songwriting and translation. What choices did you make at UBC that contributed to your success? The faculty sounded wonderful, and I loved the idea of the optional-residency program, which would allow me to go ahead with my plans to move to Europe while still enjoying the benefits of a UBC education.

Additionally, you will substantially revise one essay during the term. If possible, find other writers to form a critique group. Experiment with different writing routines, different ways of brainstorming and outining stories until you find something that clicks for you.

At the end of the term, you will submit a revision of one of your pieces along with a reflection on your revision process.

Creative Writing, Optional-Residency MFA Program

We will investigate the revision process, and you will be expected to deeply consider a revision of your own work. We will have ongoing discussions that cover both the technical aspects of poetry and the emotional effect that great poetry produces.

The residencies are great experiences, but they are entirely optional.

Arts - Creative Writing Optional Residency, M.F.A. (DIST)

While I really enjoy this position, I hope to eventually make creative writing a more central part of my career. This course is open to all graduate levels. This was a fantastic experience. It makes you contemplate whether humans are inherently good or evil, a question that I returned to again and again when writing about war and oppression in The Dutch Wife.

Through mini-lectures and friendly, accomplice-framed group workshops, you will learn to take risks in your writing. We will also look at how series are structured, and the business and process of writing for TV.

Optional-Residency MFA Program

Through supplementary lectures and workshops we will cover: My novel takes place in Germany, Argentina, and the Netherlands, and I was able to spend time in each of these countries during the research process, which added so much to my understanding of the worlds of my characters.

For example, I decided to take some time between jobs to prioritize writing, but in order to get by without any income, I spent several months writing from Central America, where the cost of living was much more maneageable.

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We will also talk about truth what truth? This came as such a surprise, and I was so drawn to the idea of the women who were forced to work there. A Note on Online Course Scheduling Students are expected to spend a total of 3 hours online participating each week.


Take distance education classes online while remaining at home. As a foundation, we explore the fundamentals of teaching writing and the practices of planning, programming and performance necessary to thrive and inspire as a creative writing instructor in a variety of settings: However, during the course of my research, I came across information about the concentration camp brothels that were designated for prisoner use.

What were some of your most meaningful experiences at UBC? The workshop thrives when participants inhabit the work under discussion and respond with generous, incisive feedback from their experience and ambition—while always valuing the work and the writer. We will explore the writing process and getting published.

In the following semester, students will create an original project. What did you enjoy most about the Creative Writing program? Where do his motivations lie, and to what extent does he believe his intentions are good? Alongside your work for the course, you will be expected to read the best books out there, and to let your reading inform your own work and your feedback to others.

We will focus exclusively on literary and literary-genre mash-up fiction—where you change, alter, and play with established genre tropes until they become something hybrid, something new—as we discuss story structures for fictions, the different kinds of conflict, how loud or soft these conflicts can be in a scene, the use of scene vs.

Before class starts, I recommend students read a few recent TV scripts on-line to get a sense of how they look and feel. The first submission is memoir, and the second is your choice. Once accepted into the program, a student may take any course, in any genre offered.UBC Creative Writing graduate Ellen Keith (MFA ’16) recently published her debut novel The Dutch Wife – a historical fiction work that she completed during the MFA Optional Residency program.

The book, which won the HarperCollinsPublishers Ltd/UBC Prize for Best New Fiction, reached #1 on the Globe & Mail Canadian Fiction Bestseller List.

Arts - Creative Writing Optional Residency, M.F.A. (DIST) Calculating your course load. The number of credits you need depends on which program you’re in. Select from the list below to find your program’s course load information.

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CREATIVE NON-FICTION CONTEST. Home > Contests > CREATIVE NON-FICTION CONTEST. Not open to students or faculty of the University of British Columbia’s Creative Writing Program (this includes the UBC Optional Residency MFA Program). This also includes incoming students that have accepted a place in UBC’s Creative Writing Program.

M.F.A. in Creative Writing (Optional Residency) 3. M.F.A. in Creative Writing and Theatre Note: you’ll also see the Film Production and Creative Writing degree listed. This degree is UBC Creative Writing Program Main Mall Buchanan Room E Vancouver, BC, V6T 1Z1 CANADA.

Optional summer intensives on the Vancouver campus of UBC enable you to meet faculty and other students face-to-face, and provide a complement to the work performed online.

The Optional-Residency MFA Program mirrors our highly-regarded on-campus MFA.

Creative writing ubc optional residency
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