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The usual rhetorical trump card for marijuana supporters, however, is the issue of overdose deaths. Custom Compare and Contrast Essay on Alcohol and Marijuana essay paper writing service Buy Compare and Contrast Essay on Alcohol and Marijuana essay paper online According to the statistics, alcohol and marijuana are two drugs generally used in the United States.

Much has been learned about THC in the intervening years but even then it was apparent to the medical experts that the comparison to alcohol was misleading, and that treating them both under a comparable regime of legal access does a disservice. So even by this measure, marijuana looks less dangerous.

There is further reason for caution. Recent research suggests that even casual use, among young adults, produces brain anomalies in structures required for reward and emotional processing. It has an effect for about hours after smoking. A causal argument is not yet made, but neither is it required for prudent public policy action.

Alcoholics would rather say that marijuana is bad; however, on the other hand, those who are smoking weed are confident about health hazard that alcohol brings.

In fact, and very worrisome, even the longitudinal literature tracing the impact of marijuana in young lives, including that research showing negative psychological impact or permanently reduced cognitive performance, is based on youth cohorts smoking the low-potency marijuana of their time.

And this research specifically notes that it is just such patterns of access, frequency, and persistence of use that contribute to the overall dependency-producing potential, in conjunction with the biology of the substance itself in relation to the brain.

Comparing Alcohol and Marijuana: Seriously

Alcohol does not … directly and profoundly affect brain function as the cannabis preparations do…. The next drug on the list is cocaine. Furthermore, marijuana entails rise of appetite, dry mouth, red eyes, decelerated motion, hallucinations, paranoia and memory loss.

Some may use regularly, but many are simply those who tried a substance perhaps once in youth, or perhaps once a year for a couple of years.

Considered all together … the transition from drug use to drug dependence runs a span from the microscopic e. In fact, with aboutemergency room mentions a year, marijuana now exceeds heroin. Were we to interpret this finding as though it were, in reality, a measure of the dependency-producing risk in using a substance as a function of the addicting quality of that substance, we would see them in this rank order with tobacco followed by alcohol, and only then cannabis.

The outcomes of the addiction may be devastating Iversen.

Custom Compare and Contrast Essay on Alcohol and Marijuana essay paper writing service

It has started hundreds of years ago. The research indicates the likelihood of even greater dangers in marijuana use today, as we move to expose more Americans to its use.

No one is trying to underplay the dangers to be found in alcohol consumption.

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But with marihuana … it seems as though you have to use it only for a relatively short time … before it produces distinctive and irreversible changes in the brain.

Alcohol addiction influences various categories of people ranging from poor to wealthy people. In order to make that inference, one would need to examine current or past month use, or have data on daily use of the substance.

Alcohol is also a reason of problems in relationships, changes in behavior, serious illnesses and death. This effect might endure more than three hours.Compare and Contrast Essay Tips English A compare and contrast essay is about comparing and contrasting the differences and similarities to make a point Compare = how are they alike Contrast = how they are different Clearly establish the basis of the comparison and/or contrast.

Compare and Contrast Marijuana and Alcohol Paper instructions: _ This is a college level essay, not high school level essay. This has to be formal writing. _ The essay has 4 paragraphs: 1 introduction paragraph and 3 body paragraphs.

Conclude by 1 sentence that restate the thesis. _ Compare and contrast marijuana and alcohol to Continue reading "Compare and Contrast Marijuana and. Marijuana is no exception and when abused it can cause problems, although these don't compare to any other Schedule I and many other lower scheduled substances and even alcohol in most cases.

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Essay about The Use of Alcohol and Marijuana - The Use of Alcohol and Marijuana Alcohol and marijuana are the two most widely used recreational intoxicants in modern day American society.

Compare Contrast Drugs Alcohol Weed] Good Essays words ( pages) Alcohol: As Bad or Worse than Marijuana Essay - A profile of marijuana.

Dec 17,  · Both alcohol being legal and marijuana being illegal are controversial. You have to look at the history of what has made these issues controversial and compare or contrast those reasons.

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Compare and contrast essay on marijuana and alcohol
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