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Compare and Contrast Christopher Wallace a.

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East Coast The infamous battle between West Coast and East Coast rap music was a battle that helped shape rap music today. The feud lasted for about three years.

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In Tupac got shot five times, after recovering, he put out the album "Me Against the World" which hit the number one spot on the album charts.

Some of the similarities were that their lives were both cut short at 25 years of age, they were born and raised in New York, they came up from poverty or having nothing, they both sold drugs to get by in life and they both blew up out of nowhere.

He hit the nail on the head and he hits it hard. They both show much passion behind them. G, are the most well known artists to take part in this battle. They chnged the game Compare and contrast biggie vs tupac.

He joined the hip-hop group Digital Underground. The songs share lyrics that reveal deeper meanings and attacking words or phrases targeted at the opposite coast. Besides his hit album, he tackled several film roles.

He would later traffic the drug into Virginia where it could be sold at a higher price. In the late s, Shakur and his family moved to the West Coast. Some speculate the murders were from the opposing sides but no one is certain.

After serving eight months in prison, inhe put out the album "All Eyes on Me" which released "California Love" ft.

I took it and smiled. All of these lyrics are in a deep tone that is calm and controlled but still very threatening, much like a sniper who attacks with precision and stealth.

Biggie and Tupac are like the front line of defense in the war of coasts. So in the end, it is hard to tell who was more talented or who is a better rapper.

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These two songs are similar in many ways. They are threats and impose for their opponents not to mess with them because the promised retaliation will be extremely worse. Their music still inspires the hip hop culture. The two coasts share a rich history of controversy, the same controversy that helps navigate the world of rap music we know today.

They show so much pride in their coast and this can all be reflected through their music. Their style and reasons for insulting one another share similarities.

Coincidentally, both artists were assassinated. He wants them to prepare for what is about to come forth. You know the rules. Biggie Smalls was a drug dealer who rapped for a hobby.

It appeared to be a golden time for Shakur. They had thier uniques styles and thats why they were loved by so many. Tupac Shakur was pronounced dead at 4. One side uses strategies that are specifically planned and intended to weaken the others slowly and selectively, while the opponents use strategies that are offensive from the beginning and use all they can to hit them as hard as they can to weaken them fast, making for a quick defeat.

Compare and Contrast Draft 3 Christopher Wallace a. He was only Its notoriety could come from the fact that it is so straightforward and exerts so much hate through every line.

For example, "Juicy" his first mainstream single, tells about him selling drugs, dropping out of school, and his struggles to get to where he is.Essays Related to Tupac Vs. Biggie. 1. Violence In Hip Hop Music. Tupac and Biggie was able to escape the streets, therefore, many may say that it was the industry that killed them.

After the robbery, Tupac blamed Biggie for conspiring to rob him. As this Tupac vs. Biggie rivalry reaches its peek, Tupac is suddenly shot in Las Vegas and /5(3). Aug 25,  · Best Answer: completely correct tupac was alot deeper in his songs, but biggie was the better lyricist like sky is the limit, juicy etc and like u said, tupac made more songs that made u feel something inside, and get that shiver running down ur spine BQ:"filling ni**as with so much lead they can use their dick as a pencil"Status: Resolved.

Tupac has breadth in the streaming era, but his biggest hits lack the universality of Biggie’s (Pac’s 10 most popular songs on Spotify have accrued more than million streams; Biggie’s.

Essays - largest database of quality sample essays and research papers on Compare And Contrast Biggie Vs Tupac. In this essay I will be comparing the differences and similarities between Tupac Amaru Shakur and Christopher Wallace also knows as “Biggie” who both are male rappers and reined a pretty short but yet famous mid 90’s career in the music industry.

Tupac vs Biggie essaysIn the nineties, the popularity of rap music skyrocketed. It has grown from a few little known groups to the multimillion dollar business it is today. Rap music is more popular today than it has ever been.

Two reasons for that are Tupac Shakur and Christopher Wallace (Big.

Compare and contrast biggie vs tupac
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