Baby dumping introducing moral and religious education

Political condition such as difficulty in adoption proceedings, may also contribute to baby dumping. Might be and this way can help this problem reduced.

The victim are not willing to do that so, consequently causing them not to welcome the baby in their pregnancy.

Baby dumping is a serious problem among teenagers in Malaysia Essay Sample

All of the accused were Malays. Yes, it can be conceded that this crime could probably be avoided if we all live by the means and boundaries of religion. Child is a priceless gift from God but the youths still carry on their activity for their enjoyment.

What are the best opinions and ways that should be taken to prevent this scenario from spreading? Some of them decided to give birth to the baby, but then at the end of it, because of some reasons, they dump the baby without hesitate.

Parents cannot give only the responsible to the teacher and school cause parents also the important way to solve the problem. In conclusion, there are many factors that lead to cases of baby dumping occurred.

Moral values are important in teenagers life because it consume a lot of standard of behaviour where going to lead the new generation into high level. In most of the cases, the babies were already dead when they were found by someone else.

Till today the number of baby dumping is increase all over the world. Where did they learn to cover their mistakes? How the teenagers can throw their own baby in such a horrified situation?

Rise of Baby Dumping in Malaysia

Beside that, parent need give upbringing to child about moral since small. Panic of being pregnant unexpectedly, they take a risk to abort the baby before their family aware of the physical changes later on.

Do we, the society, play a good role in handling this issue or perhaps we just take this issue as light as feathers since we got nothing to do with it?

Sometimes they dump their baby because they may feel that there is no one they can turn to for help. Every individual play an important role to avoid these causes in order to live happily in future and the government as well.

Among the impression that the economy is definitely happening is difficult to develop due to the existence of social problems. Negative friends who will invite young people to do things outside the boundaries of religion and norms of society, such as going to places of entertainment such as disco, taking drugs and doing free association.

Notice that this opinion is conservative in nature. These parents then shy away, rejecting the idea of sex education in school.Ways to reduce baby dumping• By parent Pay more attention on their children Give Update complete regularly religions their children education daily activities 4.

• By school Give sex education to student Focus to moral value in syllabuses at school. Evolving Trend of Baby Dumping: New dimension of Social & Economical Problems in Malaysia Md. Mahfuzur Rahman Department of Business Administration, Faculty of Economics and Management Sciences, International Islamic University Malaysia Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

CAUSES OF BABY DUMPING Introduction. Or they are lack of sex education? What is the use of condoms?

Where did they learn to cover their mistakes? Is this their religious teach them? What are the best opinions and ways that should be taken to prevent this scenario from spreading?

Is this scenario will continue without ending? The baby hatch is indeed a good way to help single mother who cannot afford to take care of their babies. we have to develop a loving and caring society.

this is the good solution to prevent this cases. This should be complemented with moral or religious education as all of you said before. i-dont-care-baby-dumping-and-sex-education.

Drastic step by the government in categorizing baby dumping as a criminal amounting to murder if it meets with all the legal specifications is also can be introduced. knowledge on sex education and religious belief showed the significant relationships with the baby dumping issues in fresh-air-purifiers.coml Nadiah Isa.


ESSAY 4: Baby Dumping Our country, Malaysia has become a very popular and favourite spot for dumping, not the usual garbage dumping but it is the baby dumping. but in my opinion not only moral education is the main role that causes baby dumping phenomenon because the other role such as internet, television also one of the cause .

Baby dumping introducing moral and religious education
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