Arabizi effects on the arabic language essay

For the measurement process, we used the Likert scale as an effective, representative and accurate method. And even pupils with more conservative frocks seem more Western than Eastern.

Arabizi (Arabic Chat language) - Research Paper Example

Said represented the issue of holding unsettled individuality since he was raised in a bicultural household. This scale provides respondents with the following five degrees of agreement: In order to determine the extent to which Arabizi can really affect our language and identity, we should definitely consider Edward Said case which is to some extent similar to what the Arab youth experiences nowadays.

Also, it allows participants to respond with a flexible degree of agreement instead of forcing them to take a determined position. As Warschauer explained throughout his book, university-level courses that are taught in English are expanding nowadays to further include other linguistic courses such as Arabic.

Participants This study was limited to Arabizi effects on the arabic language essay participants from different ages, genders, colleges and nationalities at the American University of Sharjah.

According to Warschauer, this phenomenon gave its users a new universe in which they can freely discuss different religious and political topics, due to the absence of an explicit authoritarian censorship in a context where informality was the basis Attwa, The primary research was conducted at the American university of Sharjah, in order to reveal and determine the dimensions of this matter.

Technology and Language Arabizi may be considered as a new phenomenon in contemporary society; however, its origin goes back to the mids with the introduction of technology Warschauer, Moreover, not only the local culture will be affected but also the new generation where they would not know their roots properly.

Last but non least. Abdel-Ghaffar suggested that utilizing Arabic letters is the most effectual. Not merely engineering users have sentiments and ideas about this affair.

Arabizi Effects on the Arabic language Essay

Moreover, the film interviews professors from different areas that explain how Arabizi is affecting the Arabic language and if it causes any identity crises. Technology that was supposed to convert the world into a global village removing all borders among people, in reality worked reversely in categorizing people as well as countries into haves and have nots Warschauer, This graduated table provides respondents with the following five grades of understanding: The ages of participants in this study range from 17 to 26 years old and the average ranged from years Appendix 1.

In order to find the extent to which Arabizi can truly impact our linguistic communication and individuality.

As a result, English overcomes the Arabic culture and creates the diverse, Arabizi. On the other hand, Dina Jamal, a university student, does not use Arabizi although all friends do because she strongly considers it as a major threat to the Arabic language Ghanem, Participants were chosen from the following available colleges at the American University of Sharjah: Around ten minutes into the documentary, Dalia Al Kury interviews Khaldoun Al-Naqib a Political sociology professor in Kuwait University where he analyses this diverse.

Based on secondary informations and another primary research. Since this created individuality is the result of complex electronic interactions. Some users may believe it is helpful and easy to pass on.

There is a widespread lingual phenomenon that enormously encroaches their lives and finally leads them to compose in an unusual linguistic communication. This primary research undertaking was conducted through distributing printed studies among AUS pupils during one hebdomad from June 30th to July 7th This is because Arabizi users use Arabic numbers assorted with the closest English opposite number to show what they want to pass on.

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It showed that the majority of well-educated Arabs are concerned that their inherited social norms are harmed by the internet and other new technologies.

Arabians still do non utilize it and prefer to compose in Latin characters. Therefore, when Arab youth choose to construct their Arabic language with Latin letters, they create their own linguistic identity in the way they want to represent themselves to the entire world Markham, The goal of this documentary was achieved where it gave awareness to the young Arabs to be more careful with the language they use and that they should take more care of the Arabic language.

Participants This survey was limited to look into participants from different ages. However due to the increasing demand, mobile phones became inexpensive and owned by almost everyone. Arabizi and Identity An highly important inquiry imposes itself on the scene.Arabizi is a character encoding of Arabic into the Roman alphabet and the Arabic numerals.

Arabizi is used to present both Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) and/or Arabic dialects. It is commonly used in online communications: tweets, blogs, chats, etc.

Most existing NLP tools for Arabic language are designed for processing formal and scripted. Kesserwani strongly believes that Arabizi might hold terrible cultural and lingual effects (Salhani. ). Education System and Language The impact of Arab’s over-reliance on English-based engineering has affected many other critical facets of Arab society.

The main goal of this study was to empirically examine the impact of Arabizi (i.e. writing Arabic with English script) on Palestinian students' Arabic language development.

This article seeks to enter the debate over the merits and risks of. Arabizi: Is Code-Switching a Threat to the Arabic Language Mustafa Taha, American University of Sharjah, UAE The Asian Conference on Arts & Humanities The main goal of this study was to empirically examine the impact of Arabizi (i.e.

writing Arabic with English script) on Palestinian students’ Arabic language development. This article seeks to enter the debate over the merits and risks of widespread Arabizi use with a quantitative study of its effects on Arab students.

Arabizi Effects on the Arabic language Words | 20 Pages ‘Arabizi’ Effect on the Arabic language A focused study at the American University of Sharjah Table of Contents I. Introduction 3 II. Literature Review 4 III. Research Question 11 IV. Methodology 11 V.

Results 14 VI. Discussion 18 VII. Conclusion 21 VIII. References 23 IX.

Arabizi effects on the arabic language essay
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