An analysis of the marketing strategy for medical marijuana

Since packaging is the initial handshake with the customers, this company has high hopes on its cannabis marketing strategies. This opened up lot of opportunities for Nassau and helped him grow revenues.

Substances in this category are considered to have a high potential for abuse and no medicinal value. For success in the long run, it is important to establish a name, logo and marketing strategies. FDA for the treatment of cancer, which is a key restraining factor for the growth of this application segment.

Early Adopter Dixie Elixirs is an edible company that has created a good brand reputation in the industry. Even the executives of large cable companies were aware of his company. The film follows a group of high school students whose marijuana habits get them into all sorts of melodramatic and nefarious situations.

Application Insights The chronic pain segment held Along with customers, this company markets its products to dispensary owners who sell them. Reports of various researchers, states that medical cannabis is safe for treating patients with chronic pain and neuropathic pain.

Below is a closer look at four unique marketing strategies for the marijuana industry, at least cannabis companies have used to build name recognition, as well as a look at the related costs and impact. Therefore, branding will be a necessity to win the race.

Meanwhile, marijuana arrests are steadily increasing.

Source Spurred by the Great Depression and the massive unemployment that ensued, resentment of Mexican immigrants -- and marijuana -- increases. However, the drug is not approved by the U. North America held a majority of the share of nearly Traditionally, growers, dispensaries, infused product businesses and retailers mostly depended upon word-of-mouth to have their names out in the local community.

After creating a creative logo for the company, executives also designed the packages.

Marijuana Industry Data and Charts

So, executives of this company has used a combination of marketing, press relations and word-of-mouth to reach out to larger number of customers.

However, the rapidly growing number of states, districts, and territories enacting laws to legalize the drug is also driving its demand in the cancer treatment. Estimates suggest that over 90 percent of cannabis companies will grow this year. Moreover, the growing prevalence of cancer and increasing interest amongst researchers regarding the use of medical marijuana in cancer treatment are some of the factors responsible for driving this market over the coming years.

It was not long when Telecraft became a recognizable and respected brand in the world of cable companies. If you are doing the job right, you will blessed with improved revenue and a broader customer base.

Regional Insights On account of the fact that the medical use of cannabis is not yet approved in the majority of Asian and Latin American economies thus, the regional scope is limited to North America, Europe and RoW.

Businesses in the cannabis industry are now ramping up their marketing efforts. Instead, this post is simply an exploration into how public opinion around marijuana has changed over the years and how it continues to change.

4 Novel Marijuana Marketing Strategies

The emerging use of these creative marketing options by marijuana companies underscores how the industry is evolving and becoming more accepted. Welcome to the new world of marijuana advertising and marketing, where cannabis companies are increasingly exploring creative ways to pitch their products and messages.

He first tests his marijuana preparations on animals, and then begins using marijuana to treat human patients suffering from muscle spasms and pain.

Proof of Concept Introduction: The reasons are twofold: The growing research and development activities is also expected to drive the demand for the drug over the forecast period. Today, growth in the marijuana industry is rising relatively and businesses are looking for answers for making their products a household brand.

Cannabis companies should take note, especially at a time when social media giants including Facebook and Instagram have shuttered the accounts of cannabis businesses.

On the other hand, recreational corporations in Washington State and Colorado are trying to extend their hands in Alaska and Oregon.4 Novel Marijuana Marketing Strategies.

noting that the banner strategy “put us on a level” with a major insurer. The brochure – entitled “Welcome to a State of Relief” – provided information about the Illinois medical marijuana program. The document had to pass muster with race sponsor Bank of America.

“It had to be. Chart: Maryland medical marijuana sales head toward $ million in first year.

Three Effective Strategies for Cannabis Marketing

Published July 23, Medical marijuana programs in states that went on to legalize adult-use cannabis are suffering. A Marijuana Business Daily analysis found that 41 pro-cannabis bills have been introduced in the th session of Congress, nearly.

Market Research Health Canada Kills the Cannabis Licensed Producer Map For those who have been following the Canadian licensed producer space for a while, the map that Health Canada has been. Three Effective Strategies for Cannabis Marketing - Marijuana Marketing Gurus is a full-service digital marketing agency that specializes in cannabis web design, SEO, media buying, branding & More!

The Art of Marketing Marijuana. which legalized pot for some medical uses. The ad, a congratulatory note from a Seattle start-up, depicted a well-dressed, newspaper-toting man standing on his.

The global medical marijuana market size was valued at USD billion in and is projected to grow with CAGR of % during the forecast period. Home; Press Room; Careers ; This report forecasts revenue growth and provides an analysis on the industry trends in each of the sub-segments from to For the purpose of this study.

An analysis of the marketing strategy for medical marijuana
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