An analysis of the book rucker park setup by paul volponi

I wish they talked about basketball a little more and not jump around so much, a little is fine but it was happining just about every page. This book was alright I liked the story line but i didnt like how it jumped around.

I liked this book because it makes you think "what would I do in this situation". I enjoyed this book so much. This book goes back and forth from the big game and memories either when Mackey was younger, the day his friend died, shooting hoops with J. In Slam Greg has a best friend named Ice, but they begin to fall apart.

But between his feelings of guilt, the pressure from the "dark" side, and the fact that J. They love the game of basketball. I also like the story line and the drama, and the basketball. However, the underlying story is wonderful, although devestating, and a good moral lesson. Targeted to the sporty type kids, and those who like mystery of the sort.

Rucker Park Setup

But when JR is fatally stabbed, the whole game changes. But different in some areas. I didnt like how the book jumped all over the place. My favorite character has to be Mackey because he is who the story is mainly about and its hard to get to know the other characters, my second favorite has to be Stove because he seems cool.

Walter Dean Myers novel "Slam" is some what similar, in ways.


Every pickup game is building towards the annual Rucker Park Tournament. Not able to live with it, Mackey continues the tournament without his friend. Unfortnately, at my own fault and not at Mr.

But, again Rucker Park Setup is a must read. The park has long been the scene of pick-up games and tournaments between actual pro-players and the best street players ever. They both are getting ready for a big tournament, they have to win a few games to get into the tournament.

The entire story revolves around the one tournament game. Two boys are the best of friends. It also has different point of views like it has a page about what Fat Anthony is thinking and saying, and aslo a few about Stove, J. This book was about this kid Mackey and his friend J.

It had a great plot to it, and it just had great detail. Mackey tells the story, but quick interludes give the adult characters voice about their thoughts about the tournament and J.Paul Volponi Rucker Park Setup Summary Main Characters Theme Main Conflict Mackey and J.R. are best friends and have always wanted to play and win the Rucker Park Tournament.

The Rucker Park Tournament is the biggest street ball tournament. Harlem’s Rucker Park amateur basketball tournaments combine street players and wannabes in a showcase of slam-dunk explosive talent.

No one is supposed to die. Volponi explores the temptations of money and fame for talented young players who showcase in the park. Paul Volponi is the author of the critically acclaimed young adult novel Black & White. From tohe taught adolescents on Rikers Island in New York City to read and write.

Mr. Volponi worked at a day treatment center like Daytop teaching students and helping them prepare for the GED. Mr. Volponi lives in New York City.4/5(4).

Sep 11,  · Rucker Park Setup Paul Volponi Free Download Pdf This particular Rucker Park Setup Paul Volponi PDF start with Introduction, Brief Session till the Index/Glossary page, look at the table of content for.

Rucker Park&#;­a place where basketball's greatest pro players go up against street legends. Best friends Mackey and J.­R.

have waited their whole lives to win the basketball tournament here. But when the day of an important game arrives, J.­R. is fatally stabbed. Paul Volponi demonstrates his knowledge of basketball in RUCKER PARK SETUP. The entire story revolves around the one tournament game.

Readers are artfully filled in on the background information of Mackey's family and J.R.'s death through the use of flashbacks and the tormented thoughts of young Mackey/5(7).

An analysis of the book rucker park setup by paul volponi
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