A review of jerry maguire directed by cameron crowe

The memo brings public cheers from his colleagues, most of whom remain privately cynical. Crowe is now three-for-three as a hyphenate filmmaker.

Jerry Maguire

He recovers, however, and dances for the wildly cheering crowd. Little Lipnicki has gotten raves for his turn as the bespectacled Ray, and his finely-timed scenes with Cruise--sentimental without once becoming cloying--are indeed the heart of the picture. Jerry speaks with several other pro athletes, some of whom have read his earlier mission statement and respect his work with Rod.

Smart without being smart-mouthed, shrewd without being calculated, and quite obviously the work of a filmmaker with something important to say and a clear and impish way of saying it, Jerry Maguire is a triumph of nuanced social satire masquerading as a commercial romantic comedy, a movie that can both make fun of and wallow in its celebration of the crass spectacle American sport has become.

When his shepherding of Cushman hits an unexpected snag, it costs Jerry his relationship with hard-as-nails NFL publicist Avery Bishop Kelly Preston and opens the door to the awkward but inevitable courtship of Dorothy, whose young son Ray Jonathan Lipnicki has taken an immediate liking to the agent--who is surprised and touched by his own seemingly endless tolerance for the tyke.

Is there room for the truth? The climaxes of the film, such as they are, involve redemption: Rod is playing well and his team is winning. Jerry informed him if he gets injured for the season, he will get no money from the Cardinals.

After having a life-altering epiphany about his role as a sports agent, he writes a mission statement about perceived dishonesty in the sports management business and his desire to work with fewer clients so as to produce better quality.

To be sure, all of these scenes are in the finished film why do some trailers have so much discarded material?

It took writer-director Cameron Crowea former journalist with "Rolling Stone," three years to write, and the care shows in the depth of the characterizations and the logic of the plot.

Jerry concentrates all his efforts on Rod, now his only client, who turns out to be very difficult to satisfy. Over the next several months, the two direct harsh criticism towards each other with Rod claiming that Jerry is not trying hard enough to get him a contract while Jerry claims that Rod is not proving himself worthy of the money for which he asks.

Sure, but not with the volatile mix of supermarket tabloid fame and honest talent Cruise brings to the party. Dorothy contemplates moving to San Diego as she has a secure job offer there, however she and Jerry agree to get married. He then turns to Dorothy, becoming closer to her young son, Ray Jonathan Lipnickiand eventually starts a relationship with her.

Shrewdly, Crowe has trusted his instincts to go with relative unkowns in the large supporting cast, and the gamble has paid off handsomely-- the acting is uniformly first rate, without a sour note in the entire ensemble.

The movie ends with Ray throwing a baseball up in the air surprising Jerry. A very smart actor, he saw the need for modification and jumped at it with calculated relish.

The visibly emotional Rod proceeds to thank everyone and extends warm gratitude to Jerry. Crowe took so long to write the screenplay that by the time the film was ready to be made, he felt Hanks was too old to play the part.

After the impenetrably plotted but ultimately blockbuster Mission: Remarkably, at 18 minutes over two hours Jerry Maguire never plays long, due entirely to the informed immediacy and precise balance of the script.

Afterwards, Jerry and Rod embrace in front of other athletes and sports agents and show how their relationship has progressed from a strictly business one to a close personal one, which was one of the points Jerry made in his mission statement.

Yet an actor in a Cameron Crowe film must be prepared to do things that fly in the face of conventional narrative: Originally conceived as a vehicle for Tom Hanks, the movie cries out for an actor going through what one character fleetingly refers to as a pre-mid-life crisis.

ImpossibleCruise, an actor known for balancing "important" movies with more mainstream stories, has cleverly switched the order by starring in and co-producing his summer smash and following up with a movie that looked like another populist parable like Days of Thunder but plays with as much sincerity and substance as Rain Man.

Cameron Crowe originally wrote the screenplay for Tom Hanks. That he coaxes such disciplined performances out of newcomers Zellweger and Lipnicki in particular is proof enought that his sets must nurture an atmosphere of confidence and control.

He then flies back home to meet Dorothy, telling her that he loves her and wants her in his life, which she accepts. During a tumultuous exposition-laded, terrifically edited opening credit sequence--note to "serious" filmmakers: During a Monday Night Football game between the Cardinals and the Dallas CowboysRod plays well but appears to receive a serious injury when catching a winning touchdown, securing a spot for the Cardinals in the playoffs.

Jerry Maguire is a fast-talking, hard-working young sports agent who works side-by-side with a group of young turks at SMI Sports Management International in Los Angeles.

Are they saving those bits for the Criterion laserdisc, or do all first cuts now routinely run three hours plus?

Would that have had an impact on the fragile chemistry of the film? Zellweger is a revelation of precise comic acting, sort of as one critic has already alluded to a Victoria Jackson without the insecurity and whininess.Dec 13,  · There are a couple of moments in “Jerry Maguire” when you want to A review of Netflix's new Written and Directed by Cameron Crowe; Comedy 3/5.

Dec 13,  · ''Jerry Maguire'' is rated R JERRY MAGUIRE. Written and directed by Cameron Crowe; A version of this review appears in print on December That pretty much describes the trailer for Cameron Crowe's third feature, the Tom Cruise vehicle Jerry Maguire.

See Tom/Jerry stare down Jerry Maguire. Review by. When sports agent Jerry Maguire (Cruise) writes an uncharacteristically idealistic manifesto suggesting his company should opt for fewer clients and a more cari. Jerry Maguire is a American romantic comedy-drama sports film written, produced and directed by Cameron Crowe, and stars Tom Cruise, Cuba Gooding Jr.

and Renée Zellweger. Cameron Bruce Crowe was born in Palm Springs, Jerry Maguire (written by) Directed music video.

A review of jerry maguire directed by cameron crowe
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